“Protection”-Massive Attack

So you will notice that I have a tendency to change up my song selection a lot. I have no problem making a playlist with The Beatles, Lady Gaga, and Marilyn Manson back to back. So my blog will probably end up following no pattern in the songs that I choose. For example, todays post features “Protection” by one of my favorite groups of all time, Massive Attack. I found them like many people through their song “Teardrop,” the theme song for House. Funny side story: I always played “Teardrop” right before I took a physics exam to remind me why I was taking physics-because I want to be a doctor!

So smug. I love you House but I will not be like you as a doctor.

Back on topic, “Protection” from the album Protection is one of many Massive Attack songs that features an “outside” female singer. And in this case, Tracey Thorn, from “Everything But the Girl,” creates an ethereal song that bathes the listener in comfort, beauty, and protection. Whenever I have had a horrible day, when the world gets too hard to deal with, and when I feel like I have no one to turn to for help and affection, I listen to Tracey promise me she will do anything to protect me. Sad yes, but I have had many days (a long time ago and very recently) where I have fallen asleep to Tracey’s beautiful voice and woken up feeling so much better. The members of Massive Attack have done an amazing job with creating a catchy, soothing melody that, when melded with Tracey’s vocals, creates a song I can play on repeat for hours.


I’m not a huge fan of the music video because I think it takes away from the music (hence why I found a video without it) and doesn’t really add anything, well besides being able to see Tracey for a bit!

[The Beautiful Tracey Thorn]

If you like this song, you will love Massive Attack’s other stuff, which will probably be featured on my blog in the future.


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