“Commissioning A Symphony in C”- Cake

I was so upset that Cake came to my college the year before I started. WHY?! Well, maybe in the future I will see them live. Now, some people might totally hate Cake. In my experience, people either love or hate Cake (can’t ..do .. it, don’t make a joke about cake ala chocolate or cheese). It took a little getting used to and when I was listening to it at home, my Dad asked whether the lead singer was trying to rap. I just rolled my eyes at him and he walked away mumbling about “music these days.” Granted, I love some of his “oldies” music, but more on that in another post. Getting back to Cake, the lead singer’s style leads to a really interesting sound, which I love.

“Commissioning A Symphony in C” was always a favorite of mine, mostly because of the haunting melody and odd synthesizer in the background. However, when I listened closely to the lyrics, it became one of my top five Cake songs. Basically, the song is about this “Austrian Nobleman” that commissions this beautiful symphony that transfixes the audience. He however is unmoved and instead thinks his own thoughts and breaths “life but mostly death.” Interpretation: Live in the moment; appreciate the beauty around you; don’t think about death–live.

In the spirit of this song, I will leave you with some beautiful images and try not to think about having to wake up extremely early to get to lab.

Double Arch in Arches National Park-One of my favorite places in the world

I'm from Minnesota. Of course I would find ice beautiful and amazing.

Where I want to be- Rocky Mountain National Park. I have seriously thought about dropping out of school and doing a cross-country bike trip while visiting the amazing national parks.



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