“Mathematics”- Little Boots

Little Boots, a English singer-songwriter, has been compared to Lady Gaga a lot based on her music Now, they may be right next to each other in my ipod but they are completely different artists. Whereas Lady Gaga and her music are overtly sexual (not saying that is a bad thing since I love Gaga), Little Boots has a subtle sensuality that permeates her music. Although she has only one album out, Hands, I am looking forward to what she will put out next.

So beautiful

The great thing about Hands though is that almost every song on there is great. From “New in Town” to the hidden song “Hands,” I can listen to that album straight through at least weekly if not more. “Mathematics” appeals to me because of its uniqueness–equating love with math. For a nerd like me, it is amazing. I liked the song from the chorus “cos your X is equal to my Y” but when she slipped in Fibonacci and Pythagoras, I was in love. And like all of her songs, the background music is beautiful with the entwining piano melody with the more synthetic beats. FYI, Little Boots basically play her entire songs including the synth parts as evidence by her live performance of “Meddle.”

Although no “official” music video exists for this song, a fan put it to clips of the film “Poster Boy,” which is good in its own right. The movie clips, about a closet gay son of a prominent conservative politician, makes us interpret “Mathematics” differently. It is now like Little Boots, with the line “Cos nothing can divide a heart plus a heart,” is stating that love and relationships can happen between different “types” of people. Black, white, male, female, short, tall, blue eyes, brown eyes, Scorpio, Gemini. Relationships can happen between any combination of these and so many more. Because if 1+1 always equals 2 than why can’t 2 people in love equal a (valid, legal, accepted) relationship?


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