“Cascade”- Hyper

Some people that I am working with have been discussion their back-up plans  if they fail at their science career (doctor, researcher, etc). I decided that mine would be along the lines of working in an art museum since I have always had a fascination with paintings, sculpture, and other works of art especially from the Renaissance Period. However, my dream job would be something completely different. I would love to be paid to listen to music from random, upcoming artists and sort of “discover” them. This dream comes from the fact that I love the feeling of finding a new artist. An artist so good that you just want to listen to all of their songs. A song so amazing that you want to listen to on repeat, and even that is not enough. You literally want to immerse your whole body in the music to feel the bass in your fingertips and see the sound waves.

Well, I wanted to be immersed today. By this song:

I don’t know how many times I have listened to it today. It is just so amazing. The beat, the calm speed at the beginning, the gradual change to a frenzied pace. I even love the lack of words since you can really focus on the purity of the “instruments.” I CANNOT STOP LISTENING. And the best thing is that I have never heard of Hyper before so hopefully they made more songs of this quality so I can enjoy them as much as “Cascade”.

The Man Behind Hyper. Very British.

Has anyone else heard of Hyper before? Or do you have songs that you just want to immerse yourself into?


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