“Save Yourself”- Stabbing Westward

I was going to have a song by Jessie J for today’s song but I realized that I had featured british artists for the past couple days so I decided “jump the pond” (sorry, that was really lame).

I found Stabbing Westward after I fell in love with Nine Inch Nails and was looking for similar artists. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a industrial rock/metal band that consistently produces amazing songs like NIN does. Oh well. But I did find some artists that have some pretty good singles including Prick, Tool, and Stabbing Westward. My favorite song by the latter is “Save Yourself.”

It is so angry but yet has a catchy, almost pop beat that it is unlike some really angry songs with lots of screaming (those have their place, this one is just more “mild”). I also like it because I can connect with it. I sometimes feel that I just help others with their problems and never “save” myself. I have shit going on in my life, we all have shit. And normally I am great at helping people since I cherish my friends and family and want them to be happy. Unfortunately, there are those days that I just want deal with myself and no one else and thus I listen to this song so I don’t yell curse at real people (I would never do that, I swear).
Sorry, that was more of a rant than a review. But that is what happens when I feel overwhelmed and it has been raining for the past 5,000 days (I sometimes exaggerate a bit). I promise I will pick an uplifting song tomorrow.

Yeah, the music video is a little lackluster, just a random collection of scenes but it is interesting to watch. No where near NIN’s videos (“Closer”, you will always be my favorite song and video) but I really do like this song.

Has anyone found any industrial rock/metal bands similar to NIN? Or if you hate this type of music, what should I feature in future posts?


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