“You Make My Dreams Come True”- Halls and Oates

I know I promised to have a great upbeat song, and I do, but this post is going to be short because I need sleep and I am still at lab. Anyways, enough about my life.

IT IS THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER! Okay well it was yesterday the 21st but I was early for Father’s Day so I think it makes up for being a few hours late. To celebrate this, I picked a song from 500 Days of Summer,”You Make my Dreams Come True!” The song, written and sung by Hall and Oates, is one of my favorites in the movie. And that is saying a lot since the soundtrack is very good. Here is a great video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (hot!) in the movie.


Fun fact of the day, Gordon-Levitt was in Angels in the Outfield, a family favorite when I was growing up.

Gordon-Levitt is the one on the right 🙂

Did anyone see this movie as a kid? What about 500 Days of Summer?

My favorite scene is when they are in Ikea with the chinese family in the bathroom.

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