“Kids”- MGMT

Ahh, sorry for the lack of posts. I have been away for the 4th. And talking about that holiday, I probably should really do a patriotic song or something 4th of July themed like “Fireworks” by Katy Perry but I really don’t like any patriotic songs and I detest “Fireworks.” Plus, I have another song that I rediscovered today while taking a road trip with Alenka. Side note, we have really similar tastes in music so it was great to talk to her about favorite artists/bands/songs etc. So without further babble by me…

I discovered MGMT through an a cappella version of “Kids” performed at my college and it quickly became my favorite song for about three months straight. I love every part of the song. The beginning with the kids playing, the catchy background music, the lyrics, the connections to “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. But probably the most important reason was the fan-made music video I found. It is the best fan-made video I have ever seen and is in my top five favorite videos of all time.

Basically, Jon Salmon made this video for a school project with his friends Abby and Raf. Then, on a whim, he put it on youtube. I am so glad he did. Like the song, I love every part. But what makes the video is Abby and Raf. They perfectly play off each other. Where Abby is energetic, bouncy, and playful, Raf  is dark, thoughtful, and deep. When the ending comes and you just get this shot of Raf looking into your eyes, I shiver every time.

Abby and Raf actually started a group called ABRA, though their song/video “You Make Me Smile” makes me gag with its sweetness. I am very glad though that I was able to find a picture of Raf unmasked since he is hot even with the heavy make-up (its the hair and the amazing deep, penetrating eyes).

The Member of ABRA- Rafael, Abby, and Elena

I promise to include MGMT videos and pictures in the next MGMT post since they make some pretty weird (read interesting, great) videos.

Have you discovered any great fan-made music videos? And if not, did you do anything amazing for the 4th of July?


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