“Counting Bodies Like Sheep”- A Perfect Circle

Warning, the song of the day is pretty graphic, political, and some people might totally hate it. But I am really liking it lately so I’m going to feature it. I found A Perfect Circle after my love affair started with Nine Inch Nails (don’t worry, our relationship is still very hot). It turns out that the lead singer in A Perfect Circle was actually a member of Tool. And though I am not a fan of Tool, I love many Perfect Circle songs.

“Counting Bodies Like Sheep” is one of the bands most well-known songs and I think it even got air time, though I was too young to remember it. Although I could describe the song and its meaning, the video really speaks for its self.


I like the message, however depressing it is. And Maynard, the lead singer, has a great voice even when he is screaming. Check him out in his cover of “Imagine” (originally by John Lennon). His voice is mesmerizing.

I don’t really have a question for this post. Nor does anyone really comment (which I am totally fine with, I just want people to hopefully enjoy the music).


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