“Love is a Good Thing”- Sheryl Crow and Song Classifications

Since starting this blog, I have become hyper aware of how people classify songs. I don’t know if you noticed but every blog post has “categories, which is my attempt at organizing my post by song genre. But it is really hard. For example, I had a difficult time thinking of a category for MGMT. After some deliberation and a visit to allmusic.com  I classified them as “psychedelic, alternative rock.” So when I decided to do a post on Sheryl Crow, I knew I was going to have trouble classifying her. To me, I always thought of her as country but really she embodies a lot more. She draws inspiration from folk, rock, and even a little hip-hop in some of her songs. Maybe I am over-analyzing this classification system (that is the scientist in me), so I am just going to get on with the post and classify her as whatever the hell I feel like at the moment.

Sheryl Crow and I have been close for a while. She was another artist my father introduced me to and I have continued to listen to her. My favorite album is her self-titled Sheryl Crow and have listened to it so much I can pretty much sing along to every song.

Crow showing her darker side on the cover for her self-titled album

I actually analyzed “Love Is A Good Thing” for an english class in high school but I will not bore you with the details about how she uses parallel structure, a unique rhyme scheme, or anything like that. Basically, I love this song for its message and the catchy rhythm. Oh, and her scream at the end. I remember sitting in the car with my dad and having him turn up the music as we neared the end of the song just to hear the scream in all of its glory.

Also, fun fact. This album got banned from Walmart since “Love is a Good Thing” contains the poignant line,
“Watch out sister, watch out brother,
Watch our children while they kill each other
With a gun they bought at Wal-mart discount stores.”

Yep, good old Walmart. May I never have to shop there again after I graduate college. And on a happy note, here are some gorgeous pictures of Sheryl Crow. How could Lance leave her?

Do you have a hard time classifying songs? Do you even think about “genres” of music when picking out what to listen to?


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