“Everything’s Not Lost”- Coldplay

Ugg, it has been too long since my last post. The wireless in my dorm has been out since Saturday night and, needless to say, I am not happy about it. Cross your fingers that I have internet tonight!

Well, what has been happening musically in my life? I am still obsessed with “Rolling in the Deep” and I think I have all the world memorized now. But I also found an old favorite in my iTunes-Coldplay! I used to listen to them all the time (great study music) but recently I forgot about them. Although I can’t pick a favorite song since like so many bands they have a huge selection of great numbers, “Everything’s Not Lost” really fits my mood. Yes, I had a great weekend with friends but I still have a research project that is yielding no results, a looming MCAT, admissions for MD/PhD, a family I don’t see enough, friends I don’t want to leave in three weeks…. okay I will stop. I just feel overwhelmed right now I guess so this song is exactly what I want to hear. I mean, Chris Martin has this way of singing that for one is beautiful and  secondly makes you want to trust me that everything really is not lost. Or maybe that is my wishful thinking.

Also, listen to the whole track even though it is 7+ minutes. There is a beautiful hidden mini-song at the end.

Like Coldplay? Some people say they only produce melancholy, sad, depressing songs (yes, all those words mean exactly the same thing, I just enjoy tiling adjectives like Edger Allen Poe)  but they apparently haven’t heard “Yes.” My interpretation of this dark song is that the singer is frustrated with his loneliness and his inability to “fix” his loneliness because his religious beliefs (aka God says sex is bad).  Yes, it is a little sad but it also combines frustration, anger, and even a bit of fear.


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