“Supermassive Black Hole”-Muse and my new crush

New (to me) band! Well, not really since I after listening to their album Black Holes and Revelations, I realized I had heard a lot of them before and loved them. So I was very happy to “discover” them. Here’s a little background on Muse because I love learning facts about different bands (don’t ask me why, some people like sports trivia, I love music trivia).

  • They started in the 90s but really didn’t hit it big until the 2000s (or 00s, don’t know how to abbreviate that).
  • According to wiki and allmusic, they can be described as alt rock, progressive rock (don’t ask the difference), glam, electronica, or space rock (wtf?!).
  • Matthew Bellamy, the lead singer, is hot. And I mean HOT!

Classification and looks aside, their music is great. I sort of got interested in them after hearing “Supermassive Black Hole” on my Nine Inch Nails Pandora station. It is not their best song but the openning just draws me in, I can’t help it. Sort of like Matthew’s eyes. ………..Focus Charlotte Rose, Focus.


Great video, great falsetto, great guitars, great drums, great band.

Listen to Muse? I know Alenka has and had mixed feelings.

Also, do you like knowing background about a band or do you just listen to the music? I feel like knowing a little about them makes the music more real or more relatable to me.

And one more picture because I have a CRUSH! Too bad he is engaged since I would have had a total chance with him if he was single.


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