“Tik Tok”- Ke$ha

Ke$ha, you either love her or hate her. Like Alenka, I fall into the first category. Yes her music is ridiculous, her music videos are ridiculous, her clothing are ridiculous, her … okay, you get the point. But although everything about her screams tramp, slut, and over-the-top in so many ways, she owns it. I mean, if an artist can make a video with unicorns, rainbow ray guns, and glitter, she has to be willing to make fun of herself. Ke$ha knows how people view her and thus plays it up. She embraces her wild, craziness without ever looking back.

Cla$$y as ever

Since I am feeling nostalgic today, I decided to feature Ke$ha’s first hit…”Tik Tok”. Okay, the real reason is that it pretty much sums up my weekend. Just not including the ugly guy with the mustache.

Bonus!! Great parody of “Tik Tok” by Key of Awesomeness.

Did you do anything Ke$sha-like this weekend?



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2 responses to ““Tik Tok”- Ke$ha

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of Ke$ha, but I have to admit her songs are very catchy. “Tik Tok” was one of my favorites of her music.

    Hee, I didn’t do anything Ke$ha-like, unless you count going food-hunting with my high school buddy and going to church wild and crazy. >__<

    • Food hunting is awesome I would count it. I did a fair amount of that this weekend too, since my friends and I were looking for a good sushi place in Iowa (very hard to come by).

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