“Sex and Candy”- Marcy Playground

I wish I grew up during the 90’s. Yes, I was born in 1990 but could I go to concerts? Could I appreciate the amazing artists that were producing novel, avant-guard music? Of course not. While Nine Inch Nails was producing their best work, I was listening to Veggie Tales. While Nirvana was starting the Grunge movement, I was listening to soundtracks from Disney movies (nothing wrong  but they pale in comparison). And though I thankfully discovered these and other 90s groups when I could appreciate them, I will never hear many of them live 😦

Nine Inch Nails Live

Additionally if it wasn’t for awesome friends, I might miss some great songs. “Sex and Candy” is one of those great songs. Apparently it was #1 on the Billboard for 15 weeks in the 1995 (aka when I was five). Unfortunately, Marcy Playground was a one hit wonder. And maybe that is better because I don’t think they can top “Sex and Candy.” It is the epitome of a 90s pop song. A subtly sensual, smooth ballad. And the music video goes along with the theme. Weird, quirky, and sensual.

The Members of Marcy Playground (I have no idea about the origin. Any thoughts?)

Favorite 90s song or group?



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4 responses to ““Sex and Candy”- Marcy Playground

  1. Cato

    Marilyn Manson and Electric Wizard.

  2. Alenka


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