“Digital Love”- Daft Punk

I needed to feature a happy song today. It just seemed like everything went wrong today–lab, weather, friends, and even food. RAAAAAAGGGGGEEEE.

Okay, Im done now. On to a song that has never failed to make me happy. Well, Daft Punk rarely fails in making me happy. And “Digital Love” is probably their cutest song; it is like happiness on steroids.

It sort of a sad song actually but it is so upbeat that you don’t think about the lyrics (aka about the girl of his dreams leaving him). But whatever. Im taking all the happiness I can get. And so I am leaving with a few cute/happy/adorable pictures. Enjoy!

Flying Squirrel!

How do you deal with a bad day? Ice cream? Puppy Cam? Punching Bag?


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