“This Night”-Black Lab

My friend Matt has been introducing me to new music almost weekly. Like Alex and Y-Ass and  Marcy Playground. And now Black Lab. All I can say is thank you. Black Lab is this amazing group with a wide range of music though their later stuff is a lot darker though both are great. I think their biggest hit was probably “Wash it Away,” a 90s hit (see a trend, I am kind of in a 90s mood for the past few days. All I have to do is a post on NSYNC or Backstreet Boys).

But my favorite song of theirs so far was never a hit. Side note, I won’t pretend I have listen to a lot of their songs, I am still a Black Lab virgin so my favorite will probably change. Anyway, my current favorite is “This Night,” a dark, beautiful song. Paul Durham’s voice is so haunting that I get shivers every time I listen to it. And the lyrics are so well written. He is begging for forgiveness, we never find out what for but that makes it that much more powerful. Who in their life hasn’t wanted to be forgiven for something? Do you want forgiveness from your parents, your friends, your partner… yourself? I have that problem. I can’t forgive myself for even the littlest mistakes I make sometimes. It is way worst than if someone else is mad at me because I am constantly hearing myself in my head. I’m my worst critic I guess, but I hear everyone is. Maybe?

Black Lab members (Paul Durham is in front)


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