“I’m Not Your Toy”- La Roux

I have been working on my research paper all day so I need a break ie POST TIME!

One of the songs I was obsessed with last summer was “Bulletproof” by La Roux. Something about Elly Jackson’s  unique voice, the beat, the emotions behind the lyrics. Whenever the song was played on the radio, I would stick my hand out the window (no air… my car is a ’93 Buick LeSabre), turn up the volume really loud, and sing along. Which really isn’t a lot different from what I do when I am alone in my car but I did it extra loud when “Bulletproof” came on.

My love affair with “Bulletproof” turned to a whole relationship with La Roux. Like Little Boots, I can listen to La Roux’s whole album and not find a song I dislike. But my favorite, probably in part because of the awesome music video, is “I’m Not Your Toy.”

After watching the video, I had the  biggest girl crush on Elly. Her voice is beautiful, she is gorgeous and sexy in a subtle way (not like Katy Perry, Rihanna etc), her hair is amazing, and she seems so happy during the video aka actually smiling and laughing.

I could post more pictures but I will reign in my crush. And go back to my paper 😦

Do you have any big projects that are seemingly dominating your life right now?  


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