“Will the Summer Make Good for Our Sins”- múm and my Scandinavian Obsession

Somehow I have decided to listen to a lot of Scandinavian music in the past few days. First it was the Swede  and now it is the Icelanders, múm. I don’t know where I got the music from but I decided to listen to it when study today, sort of as back ground music. And then “Will the Summer Make Good for Our Sins” came on and the studying stopped. I closely listened to the song, trying to make out the distorted lyrics. Then, I looked up the music video. Oh my god. This is one of the creepiest music videos, and I regularly watch NIN and Marilyn Manson videos.

With the combination of the creepy video and the haunting, distorted lyrics, this song would be a perfect addition to a scary movie. Hopefully, this will not give you (or me) nightmares tonight.

In order to prevent nightmares, I recommend reading this online comic. If you have had any experiences with scandinavian people, you will love this. Well, really no experience is necessary since it is so hilarious. Here are two that I found that feature Iceland but there are so many good one. And thank Hil for introducing me to this comic 🙂



Ever been to a scandinavian country? (I know this is not at all related to music but I could think of another question.) I actually traveled abroad to Denmark last fall and would love to see if others have traveled to other countries in the region. 


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