“Feel Good Inc.”- Gorillaz

Gorrillaz is one of the weirdest bands I have come across. Billed as the most successful “virtual band,” four virtual members were created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. The members have intricate back stories and do “interviews” talking about the different songs. Yes, it is unique and nothing I have ever seen before but who am I to judge. If their music is good, I will like them. Fortunately, their music is good. Probably their most famous song is “Feel Good Inc.

The video features 2-D, the lead singer of the virtual band. And yes, it is as unique as the band. Apparently, the song and video is about how mindless entertainment, the media, drugs, alcohol, and sex are used to feel good but end up actually leaving you alone, on a flying island. The media tries to sell you these things, marketing them as ways to make your life happier, almost like how a company would market a product (hence Feel Good INC). It is an interesting concept and one I will explore in more detail next week during The Downward Spiral series, but the imagery to this video really drives the point home. 2-D ends up on a isolated flying island with a windmill (Holland=drugs?) being chased by helicopters (insistent in bring news about mindless events?). I dont’ know, this is my interpretation of it. Maybe I have no idea what I am talking about.

Gorillaz' Band Members

Other interpretations on the song?

And one other thing, has anyone seen Laputa: Castle in the Sky?  It is one of my favorite Japanese films and the castle reminds me of the floating island in the Gorillaz video.


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  1. Alenka

    First, Miyazaki films = AMAZING.
    Second, I love this song soooo much, and Demon Days is one of the best albums ever.
    Third, I heard (from an unremembered source, a really long time ago… possibly in middle school) that for their live concerts, there’s just a black sheet in front of the stage and they perform behind it. So, you never see anyone’s face. Weeeird.

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