“Fuck Me Pumps”- Amy Winehouse and RIP.

You probably have hear that Amy Winehouse passed away more than a week ago. I was going to feature her in a post when I found out about her death but ended up not doing that for some reason I can’t remember. But I do want to pay tribute to her: an amazing singer and a musician that paved the way for other soulful contralto R&B singers such as Adele.

Different in appearance but two powerful, beautiful singers.

Additionally, if you have been listening to the stories around her death, you might have heard mention of her joining the 27 Club, an “exclusive” group made up of famous musicians that died when they were only 27. Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Jimi, Hendrix, Janis Joplin, JIm Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and now Amy Winehouse are the most famous “members” but many more exist. I know that Amy’s life, like so many members of the 27 Club, was riddled with drug and alcohol misuse, but it is still sad when someone with so much talent struggles with mental and physical disorders that eventually leads her to an untimely death.

And she did have so much talent. Although before her death I was only aware (and in awe) of her more popular songs such as “Rehab” and “Back In Black,” I have since began to listen to her albums from start to finish. And I have yet to find a song I dislike. I think it is her voice. It is unique, powerful, sassy, confident, and beautiful. The background music, the lyrics, and the videos add to the amazingness of the songs but who are we kidding, her voice is the star.

Similar to my Johnny Cash post, I had a hard time picking one of Amy’s songs to feature. But since you have probably been unindated with her music in the past week, I wanted to pick only one of her songs. Not “Rehab” since it hits a little too close to the truth, though it is a great song. How about “Fuck Me Pumps?” She looks so happy, so this is how I will remember her.

RIP Amy. You will always be remembered.


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