“Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?”- She and Him and STUDYING!%#@*&

I have already pronounced my love for 500 Days of Summer, but I decided to go to the movie again for another pick-me-up from the wonderful MCAT studying. If you haven’t already read, I am taking the MCAT this Saturday and basically have had my head in a physics, chemistry, or biology book for the past week. But after this Saturday, life will be good again 🙂

The song today is actually not from the movie per say but was made after Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zoey Deschanel collaborated on the movie. And they are the same adorable couple that it just seems like a seen from the movie.

The song, “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?,” is by a band I have never heard of before–She and Him. But I might have to “explore” their music more as a way to procrastinate from studying. Well, I really don’t need anymore ways. Weeds and The Big Bang Theory give me plenty of excuses to put down the books. Not to mention my family that I haven’t been with for 7 MONTHS! Three more days Charlotte, three more days.

This is so close to the truth that it is not even funny

How do you procrastinate?



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3 responses to ““Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?”- She and Him and STUDYING!%#@*&

  1. Alenka

    That video may be the greatest thing I have ever seen…

  2. I procrastinate by “researching” and “exploring” as well. Damn wiki and google!

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