“The Way I Are”-Timbaland ft Keri Hilson, DOE, Sebastian

Good News: It’s Friday!

Bad News: I can’t do anything special.

Why? Well, I am stuck at home with my parents whose idea of a fun Friday is a “date” to the hardware store. Yes, they do this often and actually refer to it as a date. My parents are insane.

The florescent lighting and concrete floors create such a romantic atmosphere

Also, I have the MCAT on Saturday (sorry, it feels like that that is all I have talked about for the past week since it is consuming my life. But I swear after tomorrow I will never write that acronym ever again).

Since my Friday night is going to be extremely boring, I beg you to do something, anything fun and tell me about it so I can live vicariously through you. Go out to dinner, go to a club, stay in and watch a movie, or play board games. Just please don’t spend it memorizing coulomb’s law or the trends of the periodic table—and definitely not at the hardware store. To get you started, I will supply you one of my favorite songs of the moment.

Although it is a  great club song, it has a good meaning too. Even if your aren’t rich, have tons of stuff, work at a great job, or  (gasp!) have have the perfect body, someone will love you for the way you are. Sort of like the dance version of “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. And also the version that is not overplayed so I don’t want to cut off my ears every time they play it on the radio.

Timbaland and Keri Hilson's voices sound great together and they have great chemistry in the video.

Have a great Friday!


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