“Dance on Vaseline”- David Byrne and Thievery Corporation

Auggg! I got so much new music when I was home that I am having a hard time figuring what to feature. So I just sort of picked today’s song randomly.

Thievery Corporation is a new band to me and I obtained their whole discography when I was home. They are an interesting group consisting of two guys, Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, that create the background music and get other performers to sing. So the album that I was listening to first, Abductions and Reconstructions, literally has a new collaborated artist for each song. The song that I have been listen to lately is actually the first song on the album, “Dance on Vaseline.” David Byrne from Talking Head (a new wave, funk rock band in the early 90s) sings the lyrics. Both his voice and the background beats are hypnotic and trippy, which can be good music for a variety of things ;). But in all truth, I find this to be good study music since it is not obtrusive and the lyrics, though prominently heard, don’t seem to fit together so I am not thinking about them as much. In fact, Thievery Corporation has a lot of these types of songs, which is a good thing since school is starting soon.

Ever heard of Thievery Corporation? Ever hear of Talking Heads? At my school we have a Talking Heads dance party every year so any Grinnellians better have heard of them 🙂

Thievery Corporation's Eric Hilton and Rob Garza


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