“White Blank Page”-Mumford and Sons

I haven’t updated in awhile and I have a little time before my caffeine runs out of power. But I must warn you, I really haven’t listened to anything other than Mumford and Sons in…well the past week. Well, just have a look at my iTunes …

These Plays were all at zero about five days ago.

New favorite song= “White Blank Page.” To be honest, I cry sometimes when I listen to this song. Or sometimes I just sing along angrily. Especially during this part:

White blank page & a swelling rage, rage
You did not think when you sent me to the brink, the brink
You desired my attention but denied my affections, affections

Just listen to the song, preferably loudly so you can be taken by the music. Marcus Mumford puts so much emotion into his song, you just have to respond emotionally in kind.

Also, there is an acusitic version of the song from the Bookshop Sessions. I would give anything to see them live in a bookshop. Heck, I would give anything to see them live anywhere.

Ever have a group you just have to listen to over and over again?



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2 responses to ““White Blank Page”-Mumford and Sons

  1. Teresa

    So, I’m two years late but I only discovered your blog a few days ago, when I was watching one of the NIN videos that you put on Youtube. Anyway, I absolutely love this song, especially the Bookshop Sessons version. I adore the harmonies in that performance! It just thrilled me to see someone actually post this video and write about it. I wonder if you will even see this comment…

    • I did see it! Yeah, I have stopped pretty much updating since I started Medical School and stopped having free time.
      But I too love the Bookshop Sessons. They are so intimate and some how more emotional than the other live videos of Mumford and Sons that I have seen on Youtube. Unfortunately have yet to see them live.
      Hope you liked the blog. I am hoping I can start posting again because I love sharing and discussing music with others.

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