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“Yoü and I”-Lady Gaga

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week. School got in the way. But after I turned in my paper (last of many this week) on Friday, I was free! And good thing too since today marks another epic party at my school–Gaga. Yep, a whole party dedicated to one of my favorite artists. I can’t even express my happiness. Now I did a post on Gaga a long time ago proclaiming my love for her  and her music, but since then I haven’t feature one of her songs. Probably because it is s hard for me to pick my favorite. However, her new music video for “Yoü and I” just dropped a month ago and it was amazing.

Every part of the video is a masterpiece. As per usual for Gaga, the outfits and choreography are amazing. And the deeper meaning: A relationship between a man and a mermaid–destined not to work like so many real relationships. The ice cream truck representing the end of innocence. And who can forget about Joe Calderone, Gaga’s male counter part. My favorite part has to be when Joe and Gaga kiss. To me it represents loving and accepting one’s self to the utmost degree.

I don’t know how many times I have watched this video. I think it is one of her best one’s yet, which is saying a lot since “Bad Romance,” “Judas,” “Poker Face,” and “Paparazzi” are among my top music videos period.

HOT as both a girl...


....and a guy. How does she pull Joe off so well?

 Anyways, now that you know my obsession about Gaga, feel free to judge. But I don’t care cause “I’m a free bitch baby.” Now, I must go put the final touches on my Gaga-inspired costume. It is going to be epic.


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“Passenger”- Deftones

Most of my recent posts have been quieter, relaxing music. And although I love everything I have posted, I feel like it is time to feature a “harder-edged” song.

Deftones is another band I found after I feel in love with Nine Inch Nails. It is billed as a “alternative metal” or “experimental rock” group, so some of their songs sound industrial in nature. “Passenger” is one of their songs from the White Pony album, released in 2000 and the most recent album that I have of theirs. Thus, I need to get their more recent albums.

Their latest Album: Diamond Eyes

“Passenger” is probably not my favorite Deftones song but I was really into it tonight. The whole premise of the song is that you do not have control over your life. Set in a car, the narrator can ask for things like to “roll down the windows” or to “drive faster;” however, he is still going to be a passenger. I feel like all of us feel like a passenger some time in our lives. Right now, I am at the whims of my professors…who all thought it was a good idea to schedule a paper and/or exam for this week. I also sometimes feel at the whims of my weird emotions. Like being homesick, or not feeling good about myself. I don’t know why I feel bad/ashamed/not confident about myself sometimes, and hopefully these are just moments of self-insecurity that will pass. I hate not being in the driver’s seat, especially when it comes to my own thoughts and emotions.

Favorite part of the song is probably how the hard-core drums and guitars fade into a few solitary notes of sweet piano.

Cures for self-insecurities that you would like to share?



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Homesick: “84,000 Different Delusions”- Shawn Colvin and “Fields of Gold”- Sting

I love college. It is the one place I have ever felt accepted for just being myself. While high school was horrible, and I was ostrizisted for being weird, not having the right clothes, not being attractive enough, or (my favorite) “too smart,” my friends here love me for who I am. Thus, my college is my home. I feel comfortable, happy (for the most part), and embraced. But recently I have felt “homesick” for the first time since coming to college three plus years ago. It is just a fleeting feeling, normally when I am listening to music late at night while studying. But it is strong. This desire to be curled up in my family’s living room listening to music with my father with a crackling blaze in the fireplace. To have nothing to do besides talk and laugh and reconnect.

I know I should probably stop listening to music that makes me miss my family so much, but I am really enjoying re-listening to some of my childhood favorites. Here are two that I have recently fell in love with all over again, even though they make me yearn to curl up in a blanket surrounded by my family.

Sorry for the downer post. In happier news, my parents will hopefully be visiting me in a few weeks.

Do you ever feel “homesick” for your family? Please say it is not only me.



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“Sophia”- Laura Marling

Thank you Pandora. You are basically like for music. You  find me music that is perfect for me. Any mood, any situation, any time of day. Plus, you are free! What more could a poor college student ask for. Your only bad attribute is that you only give me 40 hours a month. Those always are used up by the second week. FIX THIS AND YOU WILL BE PERFECT!

Okay, you are probably wondering what, or rather who, has “set me up with” today. Her name is Laura Marling and she is beautiful.

As a brunette...

And as a blonde.

But more importantly, her music is amazing. Fresh, beautifully crafted lyrics, haunting chords, and so pure. Maybe now I will be able to stop listening to Mumford and Sons over and over again. Or at least mix it up a bit.

I love how she seamlessly merges so many different genres of music: folk, a bit of rock, a little country, and some gospel thrown in. And the lyrics are dense, in a good way. I have listened to this song over a dozen times and am still thinking of different meanings or different literary sources she brings into the song.

Be forewarned, I might be featuring another one of her song shortly as I listen to more of her breathtaking music and fall more hopelessly in love.

Has Pandora ever “matched” you with a great artist/group?



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“Tainted Love”-Soft Cell

Today at my college, we celebrate the epic party called 80’s where we give praise to the likes of Madonna, Jackson, and other great ’80s artists. So you can imagine the music I have been listening to lately. One in particular on repeat–“Tainted Love” by Soft Cell.

I must admit though, I think I like the Marilyn Manson cover better–a little darker and the music video is pretty interesting/out-there/normal for Marilyn Manson. The Soft Cell video scares me a little (aka a little pedophiliac).

(Edited Version)

To any Grinnellians reading this, have a great night and hope to run into you at some point. If you are not a Grinnellian, what cool parties do (did) you have (had) at college?


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