Movie Series #5: “Holding Out for a Hero”- Frou Frou

I lied. I told you I would feature another song from the Shrek soundtracks a few days ago but I didn’t. So I will do it now. I promise.

I have already featured a song by Frou Frou a few months ago but “Holding Out for a Hero” was the song that led me to discover Frou Frou and eventually Imogen Heap (solo act of the lead singer in Frou Frou). This song actually comes from the credits of Shrek 2, but is so much better than any song on the soundtrack. Imogen Heap’s range in this song is amazing. She brings an ethereal quality to the song that the original lacks. And I really like how the imagery in this video really fits the song…

Yes, I know that the song is basically a whole sexual innuendo but I think that’s what makes it good. Well, that and Imogen’s voice.

Frou Frou: Guy Sigsworth and Imogen Heap

Other songs you like on the Shrek soundtracks? (If you know any other songs but if you don’t, you should also listen to “I Need Some Sleep,” also by the band Eels)


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