“Sophia”- Laura Marling

Thank you Pandora. You are basically like Match.com for music. You  find me music that is perfect for me. Any mood, any situation, any time of day. Plus, you are free! What more could a poor college student ask for. Your only bad attribute is that you only give me 40 hours a month. Those always are used up by the second week. FIX THIS AND YOU WILL BE PERFECT!

Okay, you are probably wondering what, or rather who, Pandora.com has “set me up with” today. Her name is Laura Marling and she is beautiful.

As a brunette...

And as a blonde.

But more importantly, her music is amazing. Fresh, beautifully crafted lyrics, haunting chords, and so pure. Maybe now I will be able to stop listening to Mumford and Sons over and over again. Or at least mix it up a bit.

I love how she seamlessly merges so many different genres of music: folk, a bit of rock, a little country, and some gospel thrown in. And the lyrics are dense, in a good way. I have listened to this song over a dozen times and am still thinking of different meanings or different literary sources she brings into the song.

Be forewarned, I might be featuring another one of her song shortly as I listen to more of her breathtaking music and fall more hopelessly in love.

Has Pandora ever “matched” you with a great artist/group?



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4 responses to ““Sophia”- Laura Marling

  1. So…fi…a….wooo wooo woo~~
    I wish the singer was a gorgeous male, so that I can feel serenaded. Hahaha!

  2. A

    Fact #1: you will never be able to stop listening to Mumford & Sons.
    Fact #2: you will never be able to stop listening to Laura.
    Fact #3: (more of a tidbit) Mumford & Sons formed because of Laura Marling.

    You have entered a world from which you will never return.

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