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“Round of Blues”- Shawn Colvin and My Fetish

Ah Halloween. The day marked by cute costumes when we were younger and now marked by the sexiest costume you can find. I am sorry to say that I perpetuated this fact by re-wearing my Lady Gaga costume (Leotard, tights, and rhinestones everywhere). Thankfully, there are no pictures of the debauchery that went down. But let me inform that it was full of fun.

Anyways, at my school we also have a party in a few weeks that is entitled “Fetish.” Yes, imagine what you want. This party is even more sloppy than Halloween on my lovely liberal arts campus. And I have a great costume too that entailed me wearing dark Gothic clothing, placing fake piercing on my eyebrow and ears, and having a giant dragon tattoo on my back. Can you guess?

Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo!!

Noomi Rapace, the actor that plays Lisbeth in the Swedish version of the film, is probably one of the best actors I know. If you haven’t seen the Swedish version, watch it! It is amazing. Much better than the English version that is coming out, mainly because no one can be Lisbeth other than Noomi. Oh, and they changed the ending in the English version since Steig Larsson’s ending was just too amazing for them.

Okay, sorry. I got a little caught up in my fetish. I promise there is music coming. Today’s song features a women that I love almost as much as Noomi–Shawn Colvin. “Round of Blues” is probably one of her better known songs, and the music video is interesting. I love her dress in the video and how she can just nonchalantly  play the guitar on the floor while still looking great.

Favorite actor? Or your fetish if you are feeling adventerous? 😉




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“Rebellion (Lies)”-Arcade Fire : The Reason I Love Canada

Fall break is unfortunately almost over since classes start up again tomorrow bright and early. I wanted to get one more break-inspired post in before diving into school 24/7. This song is actually also because of Saturday Night Live since another one of the episodes I watched featured Arcade Fire, a group I have been meaning to listen to for a while. I got their first two albums from Alenka over at Six Thousand Songs but never got around to listening to them. Their performance for SNL changed that. I have been listen to their albums on repeat for the past day as I slowly ease into schoolwork again, making the process so much easier.

Arcade Fire's numerous band members

If you don’t know about Arcade Fire yet, they are a Canadian band that has been active since 2001, released their fist album in 2004, and are finally getting the recognition they deserve by winning a Grammy in 2011 for Album of the Year for The Suburbs. I, being behind the times again in music, have just discovered them and are hooked. I might be doing a few posts on them in the upcoming weeks but right now, “Rebellion (Lies)” is my favorite from them right now.

I love the mix of guitars, drums, violins, piano, and the myriad of other instruments they use. It creates a unique sound that I have never quite heard before. And their lyrics are not superficial like Bieber’s (the other big Canadian artist) but full of political meaning. To me, this song is about how people sleep or walk around in a dream like state to avoid things they disagree with in society (“Sleeping is giving in/no matter what the time is”). Many times they are told lies they try not to investigate since they are afraid of knowing the truth. The music video fits this description since the band must wake up the children from their sleep, or their “avoidance to see the truth.”

My favorite picture of Win Butler, Arcade Fire's frontman

As one fan said on you tube, “Arcade Fire is the reason I love Canada, not Justin Bieber.” I couldn’t agree more.

Justin or Arcade Fire? Or no love for Canada at all?



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“Pumped Up Kicks”-Foster the People

This fall break week has been catch-up week—for homework but more importantly for missed tv shows. One of the shows I occasionally watch if I actually know the host is Saturday Night Live. Ever since Tina Fey left, it has not been as good but it still has some good skits every episode. But more importantly, they normally have some really good guest artists. Foster the People was the music guest for one of the episodes I watched. I had never even heard of this band before but apparently they are from Los Angeles and released their first album Torches in May. Now, Pumped up Kicks is third on the Billboard’s Hot 100 just under “Someone Like You” by Adele and “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5.

Foster the People: Mark Pontius, Cubbie Fink, and Mark Foster

Although “Pumped up Kicks” is a great song, I have a feeling people don’t really understand the meaning behind it. Sure, the beat and chorus is catchy but lets analyze the lyrics a bit.

He’s a cowboy kid
Yeah, he found a six-shooter gun
In his dad’s closet hidden in a box of fun things
And I don’t even know what
But he’s coming for you, yeah, he’s coming for you

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks 
You’d better run, better run, outrun my gun

Yes, the song is about a a kid and his downward spiral towards homicidal tendencies. As Mark Foster, the group’s frontman, states in an interview, he wanted to know “what would it be like to be inside of a kid’s head that’s a teenager and is basically losing his mind.” It is a interesting idea for a song and the happy feel of the song even adds to the character’s insanity. But I hope the audience understand the meaning behind the song and doesn’t just blindly sing it, or worst think the band is advocating said behavior. I can’t help comparing this song to NIN “Closer” since they were/are both popular but the audience didn’t really understand the extremely dark undertones of both songs.

All in all though, I am really excited to see what Foster the People are going to do next. In their first effort, they have created a popular, controversial, and dark song. I have high hopes for the band.

Heard of this song or anything else by Foster the People? If not, do you watch SNL?



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I love U2. My dad loves U2. Our favorite album is of course Rattle and Hum, since it is the best U2 album ever. However, I happen to love the Pop album also, and my dad cannot understand why I like it at all. Yes, Pop is a totally different sound for U2 and is more “poppy” sounding. But, it is still U2 with the smooth voice of Bono and the sick guitar from Edge. And they are so catchy. So very catchy. That is why I think I love U2 as much as I do. Every album is a little different and cutting edge for its time but they all have this essence of U2.

My favorite on the album is hands down Discotheque. As you can imagine, it is about a disco dance hall and the trippy music video is prove of that. Sorry for the grainy quality. You Tube failed me on this video. But quality aside, look for U2 impersonating the village people at the end!

I recommend playing this song with the bass up and just taking in trippy, techno beat.

Favorite U2 Album, if you have one? If not, have any other video viewing websites that I should know about since You Tube has been slowly going down hill, mostly because of the influx of ads?



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“Moves Like Jagger”- Maroon 5


It was a little touch and go there a bit last week with all the papers, tests, and lack of sleep. But I am now on break for a WHOLE week. Now I can actually catch you guys up with all the good music I have been listening to.

Today’s song is one I have been obsessed with for a few weeks now since the Lady Gaga party when … interesting things happened. But enough about the past. “Moves Like Jagger” has been stuck in my head for a long time. And I am totally fine with that.

The beat= Dancable
The lyrics= Catchy
The music video= Amazingly done. The mix of old footage mixed with new is so cool
The artist= How did I not know how hot Adam Levine is? I know his is a pompous a** but really how does one look that sexy? Probably one of the hottest guys I have seen in my life.

After “discovering” Maroon 5, I realized that many of the sons I loved on the radio are actually from Maroon 5. Like “Misery” and “She Will Be Loved.” Hey, I like music but I never said I was up-to-date on the music scene. 🙂

What song is stuck in your head?


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School Getting in the Way of Music, Sleeping, and Other Important Stuff

I haven’t had time to post in almost two weeks to post and it is making me very sad. I miss writing about music instead of writing about the Sociology of Breast Cancer or the different bonding and anti-bonding orbitals of conjugated systems (points to anyone who knows what I am talking about!!). Anyways, I don’t have time to do a full post but I wanted to share two songs that I am obsessed with at the moment. Both of them I have listened to before but I must have forgotten their power and their beauty.

U2 how I love you

I would probably have put all of Massive Attack’s Blue Lines album in this post since I have been listening to it on repeat for awhile. But I knew I couldn’t and this song just spoke to me the most. I don’t know why since it is about getting hurt in a relationship and lets be honest, school has basically shut down any of those 🙂

And to leave you in a happy mood, here is a great song I just discovered by the british pop band blur.

Is school/job preventing you from doing something you love?



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