I love U2. My dad loves U2. Our favorite album is of course Rattle and Hum, since it is the best U2 album ever. However, I happen to love the Pop album also, and my dad cannot understand why I like it at all. Yes, Pop is a totally different sound for U2 and is more “poppy” sounding. But, it is still U2 with the smooth voice of Bono and the sick guitar from Edge. And they are so catchy. So very catchy. That is why I think I love U2 as much as I do. Every album is a little different and cutting edge for its time but they all have this essence of U2.

My favorite on the album is hands down Discotheque. As you can imagine, it is about a disco dance hall and the trippy music video is prove of that. Sorry for the grainy quality. You Tube failed me on this video. But quality aside, look for U2 impersonating the village people at the end!

I recommend playing this song with the bass up and just taking in trippy, techno beat.

Favorite U2 Album, if you have one? If not, have any other video viewing websites that I should know about since You Tube has been slowly going down hill, mostly because of the influx of ads?



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2 responses to ““Discotheque”-U2

  1. I’ve never given U2 much of a chance, despite having that copy of War. Now that I think about it, I remember a friend and her dad really liking U2 also. Images of The Joshua Tree pop into my head upon these reminisces:)

    I’ll give them another shot!

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