“Rebellion (Lies)”-Arcade Fire : The Reason I Love Canada

Fall break is unfortunately almost over since classes start up again tomorrow bright and early. I wanted to get one more break-inspired post in before diving into school 24/7. This song is actually also because of Saturday Night Live since another one of the episodes I watched featured Arcade Fire, a group I have been meaning to listen to for a while. I got their first two albums from Alenka over at Six Thousand Songs but never got around to listening to them. Their performance for SNL changed that. I have been listen to their albums on repeat for the past day as I slowly ease into schoolwork again, making the process so much easier.

Arcade Fire's numerous band members

If you don’t know about Arcade Fire yet, they are a Canadian band that has been active since 2001, released their fist album in 2004, and are finally getting the recognition they deserve by winning a Grammy in 2011 for Album of the Year for The Suburbs. I, being behind the times again in music, have just discovered them and are hooked. I might be doing a few posts on them in the upcoming weeks but right now, “Rebellion (Lies)” is my favorite from them right now.

I love the mix of guitars, drums, violins, piano, and the myriad of other instruments they use. It creates a unique sound that I have never quite heard before. And their lyrics are not superficial like Bieber’s (the other big Canadian artist) but full of political meaning. To me, this song is about how people sleep or walk around in a dream like state to avoid things they disagree with in society (“Sleeping is giving in/no matter what the time is”). Many times they are told lies they try not to investigate since they are afraid of knowing the truth. The music video fits this description since the band must wake up the children from their sleep, or their “avoidance to see the truth.”

My favorite picture of Win Butler, Arcade Fire's frontman

As one fan said on you tube, “Arcade Fire is the reason I love Canada, not Justin Bieber.” I couldn’t agree more.

Justin or Arcade Fire? Or no love for Canada at all?



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2 responses to ““Rebellion (Lies)”-Arcade Fire : The Reason I Love Canada

  1. Another band I’ve never given any thought to! But I have a reason… this is going to make me sound shallow and rude but here goes.

    When I studied abroad in France I lived in an apartment in this old lady’s house. We sort of got along but enough odd things happened during my tenure there that I was excited to vacate; the last of these things was that a week or two before I was due to leave a new girl arrived, and she was placed in some creepy bedroom around the corner from our apartment door. I see I must set the scene. We had a large entrance room that had wallpaper peeling off the walls, as if someone had gone mad and attempted to rip long sheets off all at once. The windows were shuttered and the light didn’t really work, and there was a folding dressing screen that hid assorted unused goods such as a huge bathtub. This room was the creeps, I hated lingering in there searching for my second key.

    Anyway, this girl lived in the room next to that one, while waiting (not so) patiently for me and my roommate to move out. She apparently had nothing to do, so she would invite herself into OUR apartment and talk for a really long time, I swear without breathing, about how she was from Canada and she was Canadian and how awesome Canada was and how there was this really cool band from Canada called The Arcade Fire and maybe you’ve heard of them and they are omg so friggin cool!

    I had never listened to them but after those endless/mindless conversations/listening sessions, I didn’t really want to. But I totally dig the video! The foliage, the singer’s hair, the kids. It’s got a good beat! Is this the longest comment you’ve ever seen in your life? I hope that girl isn’t reading this.

    • Totally a legitimate reason for not listening. If someone “lectured” me about how great a band was for seemingly hours on end, I would probably never listen to that band ever again. That sort of happened with Nirvana since everyone was telling me how good the band was, how they started the grunge movement etc etc etc yak yak yak.
      And this is actually not the longest comment I have seen but probably in the top five 🙂
      Also, its really cool that you got to study in France. I studied in Denmark for a bit and had mixed feelings on the study abroad program I went on but did love the country/Copenhagen. Im hoping I can go back sometime in the future.

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