“This Is War”- 30 Seconds to Mars

Did anyone watch the 90’s tv show “My So Called Life?” It starred young Claire Danes as a outsider high school student. Through the one season, it addresses many hard topics (unlike many shows today) such as alcoholism, homelessness, and homophobia while still keeping the audience wanting more from the well-developed cast. I found the show last year and over a week watched all 19 episodes. I was drawn in with the superb acting, well-plotted storyline, and believable characters. I was sad when I realized this show never aired a second season, nor did any of the actors (besides Claire Danes) really continue in the TV or film business (or at least movies or shows that I was familiar with).

"My So Called Life" Cast

Last week though when I was searching Youtube for new artists, I found 30 Seconds to Mars, a band featuring Jared Leto. At first, I knew that I knew that name from somewhere but couldn’t place from where. But soon, I remembered that Leto played the love interest (Jordan Catalano) of Danes in “My So Called Life.”

Jared Leto

Apparently, 30 Seconds to Mars formed in 1998 and has had some hits in the past (that I was of course unaware) such as “A Beautiful Lie” and “The Kill.” However, the song that caught my attention was “This is War.”

It really does makes you think about the life we sometimes take for granted, a life that we feel is inevitable and unchangeable. What would happen if it changed? What would happen if something so fundamental as modern warfare would become impossible. Would this be for the better, creating a world where leaders would discuss problems before resorting to violence. Or would violence just regress to simpler means of harming humans. I don’t know, but the video and song does a good job as raising these questions.



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2 responses to ““This Is War”- 30 Seconds to Mars

  1. My So Called Life was one of the best teen shows ever to air. Shame it got cancelled so soon. Danes won a Golden Globe for her role as far as I can remember. Oh and Jordan Catalano, yum! The characters always took a really long time to complete a sentence, lol

  2. “My So Called Life” and “Freaks and Geeks” are two of my favorite TV shows ever. And both got cancelled after their first season 😦
    And I agree with you, the character did seem to take an inordinate amount of time to say their lines.

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