“Morning Glory”- Oasis


Okay, okay. So I love 90s music. Well, not all 90’s music. I really wasn’t all that into the boy bands, Britney, or really any of the ‘pop” groups. But I love the alternative scene. Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Marcy Playground, Sheryl Crow, Deftones, R.E.M. One band that was really popular but I have never really gotten into is Oasis. Now, I will probably have a lot of people disagreeing with me, but I just don’t understand the why they were SO very popular. Sure, they have a few songs that I like. But not one that I have to play over and over again because I cannot get enough.

That being said, I really like their song “Morning Glory.”

It basically sums up how I feel every morning–leave me alone until I am ready to talk to you. But, I am a college student so that is pretty much impossible. Discussion-based classes at 9? Why yes, I love talking about complicated musical theory and harmonic pitches before my coffee has kicked in.

Plus, the music video to this song is great. Again, I would love to be able to do what they do–play their music very loud and not care what others think. I mean, there are songs (like this one) that beg to be listened to at high volumes. Maybe some day I will. Right now I have to worry about neighbors hearing EVERYTHING through the paper thin walls of the dorm rooms. Three more months to graduation and my own house.

What is your favorite 90s group?



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5 responses to ““Morning Glory”- Oasis

  1. Yay, three months to graduation!! This is the first ‘house’ I’ve ever lived in (I’ve lived in duplexes but it’s not the same, you know?), and it’s so nice to be able to blast my record player and not have to worry about anyone hearing.

    Favorite 90s group. Oh boy. Either Spice Girls or Hanson (exactly who you dislike!)…. but I have a TON of favorite 90s songs, of which Every Morning by Sugar Ray might be my favorite. I love these poppy songs cause they take me back, I can pinpoint so many memories associated with them. And I hated pop music when I was little, so it’s nice that I’ve been able to turn around my memories:)

  2. Have you listened to Noel Gallagher’s acoustic version of Live Forever? It’s much better than the original they released. Favourite 90s band? Can’t choose one. I was big into European dance so probably 2Unlimited would be there somewhere. And like Emma above, I also loved the Spice Girls 🙂

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