“Lights”- Ellie Goulding

It has been awhile hasn’t it? I have an excuse: I have been too busy. But who isn’t really. So, an update on my life since my last blog post in APRIL!!

1. Ran a triathlon
Got fourth place for women. Not as good as I wanted but my bike sucks.

2. Graduated from College

I don’t know why I look so solemn here, but there really aren’t a lot of pictures of me during the ceremony so I went with this one.

This is a way better picture of me with one of my favorite professors on graduation day.

3. Went to London with my mom as a graduation gift

Not my picture since my mom has all of those still. But the British Museum with the Parthenon marbles was my favorite museum/site that we visited.

4. Moved to a new apartment with my best friend

5. Started Graduate/Medical School at U of Iowa
I am in the MD/PhD program, meaning that in 8ish years, I will have both my MD (needed to practice medicine) and PhD (probably in biochem or cell bio or something like that). I did my first research rotation this summer and am starting medical school classes next Monday. Less than a week! I am a bit nervous.

So yes, I have been busy. But I have still been listening to tons of music and have been wanting to blog about it. I have a list about a page long of new (or new to me) songs that I want to feature. Now I can’t promise anything since I am starting med school soon, and I have heard that it can been pretty difficult, but I would like to update more often than in the past. I am thinking about once a week (probably on Saturday), but we will see how it goes.

For now I leave you with a song that is very popular right now, but that I am obsessed with. “Lights” by Ellie Goulding. I probably should have picked something less “mainstream” or with more substance or at least something that wasn’t in Billboards Top 10. But I really, really like this song. Unlike the hard-core electronic songs by Skrillex or deadmau5, Goulding’s works combine her beautiful voice with an electronic landscape that truly compliments the lyrics.

Plus, I really like Goulding as an artist. She comes across as someone who is really down to earth and not caught up in her rapid rise to fame. She is also gorgeous without conforming to the super skinny, super made-up pop star. Instead, she is athletic and simplistically beautiful (in a good way). Apparently, she had a contest where her fans could register to run with her before a show. That would have been amazing to win.

Okay, I will stop gushing about Ellie. Here is the music video (also good). Side note: I really dislike the Bassnectar remix of this song. Don’t mess with perfection! Same with Skrillex ruining Benny Benassi’s “Cinema” (but that is another post).

And yeah, hang in there with me on the updates. I am sorry that I haven’t posted in awhile and I am really going to try to post more regularly. Also, I will probably be posting about my life/school more too since I already have some great anecdotes about grad school.

What has been keeping you busy this summer?



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6 responses to ““Lights”- Ellie Goulding

  1. Congrats on all your accomplishments! Especially the tri…. I’d love to do one, but I’m going to have to take some swimming classes first:/

    I guess I’m super out of the mainstream, because I’ve never heard this song! Sheesh.

    • I fortunately did swimming in high school, so the swim section was the easiest. However, the 5K run at the end of the race was the hardest 5K in my life! Transitioning from biking to running is really weird.
      And being out of the mainstream music is probably good. Most of the popular songs right now are not interesting at all.

  2. Congratulations no graduating and starting college. I love Ellie Goulding’s version of Your Song

  3. Lexi

    This song is one of my top favorite ever. I love how abstract it is, the sound of the electronic bells that feel like lights, and her ability to absolutely draw you in without being over the top. She has that kind of wispy yet soulful tone that is an awesome combo to her house/electronic kind of musical style.

    P.S. Good luck in graduate school. Cheers for going that far. How was your first semester?

    P.P.S. I’m very jelly you’ve been to London. I’m quite obsessed with the Brits and the musical/film talent that comes out of there.

    • Yeah, I still get chills whenever I here that song. I like your thoughts on the electronic bells. Never thought about them like that before.
      P.S: Also, grad school is going well. Busy, meaning that I have no time to blog. I loved break but excited that second semester starts tomorrow!
      P.P.S: British musical artists are some of my favorite. Massive Attack, Ellie, Burial and many more. Have you ever been to London yourself?

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