Hello all,

I am a medical/graduate student at the University of Iowa in the Medical Science Training Program. Basically, that means that in 8ish years, I will graduate with both my MD and PhD. I have no idea what I want to specialize in when it comes to medicine or research, but I have a few years to figure that out. I have a huge passion for music, though sadly I have only a rudimentary knowledge of the piano. A few years ago, I would write the “Song of the Day” on my white board outside my dorm room door. Since people rarely saw my song choice, I decided to create a blog that would touch on a variety of my favorite songs and groups/artists. Plus, if you have any recommendations of songs or artists that you want me to review, leave a comment and I will definitely listen and review.

I will also use this blog as a place where I can chronicle my first year of medical school…and beyond. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Cato

    What do you think of Marilyn Manson?

    • Although I know many people dislike everything about him, I really like his music. It is powerful, deep, and great to listen to when you are angry. He is also a very intelligent man (based on the many interviews I have seen, with the most known one being his interview for “Bowling for Columbine”). Additionally, I enjoyed his autobiography ” The Long Hard Road Out of Hell” because it gives a great image of his childhood, the creation of his band, and the music industry as a whole.

  2. I noticed on your bio that you are interested becoming a scientist or doctor…perhaps look into becoming a medical laboratory technologist. I have been an MLT (I am Canadian and that’s our designation here) for almost 10 years, and it’s kind one of those unknown careers possible in the medical field. People tend to think hospitals are nothing but doctors and nurses, but there is really so much more to patient care.

  3. Hi Rose,

    I just discovered your website and thought you might be interested in listening to some songs from my debut album, Into the Boulevard:

    All the best,

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