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“Morning Glory”- Oasis


Okay, okay. So I love 90s music. Well, not all 90’s music. I really wasn’t all that into the boy bands, Britney, or really any of the ‘pop” groups. But I love the alternative scene. Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Marcy Playground, Sheryl Crow, Deftones, R.E.M. One band that was really popular but I have never really gotten into is Oasis. Now, I will probably have a lot of people disagreeing with me, but I just don’t understand the why they were SO very popular. Sure, they have a few songs that I like. But not one that I have to play over and over again because I cannot get enough.

That being said, I really like their song “Morning Glory.”

It basically sums up how I feel every morning–leave me alone until I am ready to talk to you. But, I am a college student so that is pretty much impossible. Discussion-based classes at 9? Why yes, I love talking about complicated musical theory and harmonic pitches before my coffee has kicked in.

Plus, the music video to this song is great. Again, I would love to be able to do what they do–play their music very loud and not care what others think. I mean, there are songs (like this one) that beg to be listened to at high volumes. Maybe some day I will. Right now I have to worry about neighbors hearing EVERYTHING through the paper thin walls of the dorm rooms. Three more months to graduation and my own house.

What is your favorite 90s group?



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“Teardrop”- Massive Attack and Why I am so nervous

Time has slipped away from me. A month ago I thought this day would never come. But here it is and I am so nervous. What is so special about today you ask? It is the day I leave for my first MD/PhD interview (aka my post-undergrad schooling) at Penn State. By Sunday, I will be meeting other student, being interviewed by professors, doctors, and science researchers alike. Although I am a bit a lot nervous, I am also excited to get off campus/out of the extremely small town where my school. I literally haven’t been over 10 miles away from the campus in almost three months. So…. getting a bit claustrophobic.

As good luck for my interview, I decided to feature my “doctor” song that I used to play right before physics exams to remind me why I wanted to be a doctor: “Teardrop” by Massive Attack and the theme to the TV series House.

Elizabeth Fraser’s voice in this video is amazing. It has the ereathral, utterly beautiful but powerful quality that I have never heard duplicated. She has also done four other songs with Massive Attack and all are some of my favorite songs from the group.

Fun fact: Madonna was suppose to sing for “Teardrop” but Robert Del Naja and Grantley Marshall both wanted Fraser. Another fun fact (aren’t you luck, two today!): Fraser is also a member of the The Cocteau Twins and has sung songs for The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack. I’m falling in love with her even more!

Ugg, now all I want to do is watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy all over again. Maybe over winter break with my brother. We have already done The Matrix and Harry Potter. Why not a The Lord of the Rings marathon?

What is a song that you play for good luck?



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Movie Series #4: “My Beloved Monster”- Eels

Comedies normally don’t have the reputation of having good music on their soundtracks. I mean, when I think of good soundtracks I think about Moulin Rouge, The Social Network, West Side Story, or even Slumdog Millionaire. But I was surprised when I revised the music to a great comedy from my childhood…Shrek! Yeah, I know what you are thinking. How in the world can a movie about an ogre, a talking donkey, and various fairy tale creatures have good music? Trust me, Dreamworks managed to make a hilarious movie with fun, eclectic music. They got some pretty famous groups to agree to be on the soundtrack too: Smash Mouth, The Proclaimers, Rufus Wainwright… and that is just the first movie.

It was hard for me to pick just one so I might post another song from the second soundtrack tomorrow. But from the first movie, I fell in love with “My Beloved Monster” by the Eels, a 90’s rock band. Here is the version from the soundtrack…

And here is a cool string version I found from one of their 1995 tours…

Both are great but extremely different. Actually, every single video I found of the song was sung differently. I normally don’t like this since I get attached to the first version I hear, but in this case each version of the song was interesting and great in its own way.

Did you watch Shrek when you were a kid and/or a kid at heart?

The whole series was a big deal with my family, and we went to every movie in theaters (though the later ones are definitely not as good as the first). My father, who normally hates animated movies, loves them and can quote Donkey’s lines 🙂


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“Sex and Candy”- Marcy Playground

I wish I grew up during the 90’s. Yes, I was born in 1990 but could I go to concerts? Could I appreciate the amazing artists that were producing novel, avant-guard music? Of course not. While Nine Inch Nails was producing their best work, I was listening to Veggie Tales. While Nirvana was starting the Grunge movement, I was listening to soundtracks from Disney movies (nothing wrong  but they pale in comparison). And though I thankfully discovered these and other 90s groups when I could appreciate them, I will never hear many of them live 😦

Nine Inch Nails Live

Additionally if it wasn’t for awesome friends, I might miss some great songs. “Sex and Candy” is one of those great songs. Apparently it was #1 on the Billboard for 15 weeks in the 1995 (aka when I was five). Unfortunately, Marcy Playground was a one hit wonder. And maybe that is better because I don’t think they can top “Sex and Candy.” It is the epitome of a 90s pop song. A subtly sensual, smooth ballad. And the music video goes along with the theme. Weird, quirky, and sensual.

The Members of Marcy Playground (I have no idea about the origin. Any thoughts?)

Favorite 90s song or group?



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