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“Be Our Guest”- Beauty and The Beast

I am still on break from school (I know, my college gives us 5 weeks off). Thus, I am extremely bored and getting a bit annoyed by my parents. But a few days ago, my mom and I went to see a movie, and I now remember why I will always cherish her. At this point, a little back story is needed. When I was 2, my mother took me to my very first movie in theaters– Beauty and the Beast. A few days ago, we revisited my first theater experience by going to see the “remastered” Beaut and the Beast on the big screen together.

As we were sitting in the seats waiting for the movie to start with all of the young children squirming in the seats around us, all I could think of was how much my mother done for me since I was two years old. She has helped me with academics, friendships, relationships, and insecurities. Without her, I would not be preparing for my last year in college. Without her, I would not be graduating and pursuing my dream job. Without her, I would not have the self-confidence I have recently obtained. So, thank you Mom.

And since this is a music blog, here is my favorite song from the movie.

What is your favorite Disney Movie?


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