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“Rhiannon”-Fleetwood Mac

Are any of my readers Glee fans as much as I am? As in, so excited when Tuesday comes around so you can take a break from studying, listen to some great music, and laugh at all the high school drama you hopefully will never have to deal with again. Yes, I cannot wait until they start again in September. It is going to be epic.

One of my favorite episodes was their Fleetwood Mac episode entitled Rumours. I even made my mother watch it since she is a huge Fleetwood fan. If you haven’t seen it, head over to Fox and watch it before it expires.

The only thing that would make the episode better is if it included songs from the Fleetwood album. I mean, “Monday Morning,” “Crystal,” “Sugar Daddy”… basically all of my favorite Fleetwood songs. The song that made me fall in love though was “Rhiannon.” Stevie Nicks’ voice– so sensual, a little rough, and powerful–makes this song amazing. I have heard that the song is loosely based on Welsh mythology, and I have been interested to read some of the stories. When I have time.

And I always really loved the album cover too. Apparently, short band member on the cover (I think Fleetwood or McVee) is really tall in real life.

Do you like Fleetwood (and/or Glee since I am asking)?



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