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“Superstition”-Stevie Wonder

Some people are born with some inate talent that even if “normal” people practiced or studied for years they would never be as good as the prodigies. For example, Blaise Pascal wrote his first mathematical proof at age 11, Alexander Pope was probably writing poetry before he could walk (maybe an exaggeration), and Mozart started writing music when he was six (no exaggeration). And don’t even get me started on all the sports prodigies. Well, there are probably more musical prodigies than even sports savants. Wiki has a really nice list.

Before doing this post, I had no idea that Stevie Wonder was a child prodigy. Apparently though, he released his first album when he was 11 and had his first US #1 Hit two years later. What was I doing at 13? Well, I was playing the piano poorly and wondering if cute Brandon liked me (he didn’t if you well wondering). And, did I mention that he was blind? Yeah, he can harmonica, synthesizer, piano, drums, bass guitar, congas, bongos, and clavinet all while seeing nothing. I am in awe.

Probably his best know piece is “Superstition,” written when he was 22. I mean, how can you not like this song? Every time I hear it I have to dance whether it be in lab, at the library, in my car, or (shock!) on the dance floor. See, I do dance in normal places.

So enjoy… and listen to the lyrics. They are really interesting since he lists different superstitions and states how believing in something you can’t understand is a bad idea. Which is good for out-there, wacky beliefs. However, I don’t really know how gravity works in nitty gritty detail, but I think I will still keep believing in it. Just to be safe.

Do you have a skill that you just want to be good at and not have to practice?
I really want to be able to memorize stuff really easily like piano music, songs, or (lets be honest here) stuff for school. That would cut down on study time and add to my sleep time which is severely low.


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