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“Backseat”- New Boyz ft. The Cataracs and Dev

So I promised a happier post on Tuesday. So, here is a short and overdue post.
Everyone has guilty pleasures right? Mine are bad TV shows and sub-par dance music. Since this post is about music and not about TV, I will not share  my love of America’s Next Top Model (I know, I know, I hate Tyra too. The show is just so addictive to watch).

Allison Harvard, the true winner of the ANTM All Star Cycle

But I will share my “dance song of the week,” since normally I can only take so much of a popular dance number before I tire of it. This one is a little late aka the song came out in May but it is has been in my head all week. Please don’t judge 😦

Really, the only reason this song is listenable to me is Dev, whom I think I am developing a crush on. Or at least I just want the dress she is wearing in this video. So just a “clothes crush.”

I know I am a day early, but I hope everyone has a great weekend. I know mine will include sleep and homework… but also a fair share of dancing. There is a New Order Dance Party this weekend on campus!

Any fun plans for the weekend?


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“Paper Planes”- M.I.A and the Illusive “Deep” Pop Artists

Sometimes pop artists surprise you. At first glance, they seem like ditzy performers who produces songs filled with sex, drugs, alcohol, and a catchy beat. Yes, these things sell, but it takes a smart pop artist to actually insert meaning into their lyrics. When I first heard Paper Planes by M.I.A, I thought it was just another song about drug use. With the lyrics “high like a plane” and “sticks and stones and weed,” my prediction didn’t seem too far off. But then I analysed the lyrics a bit more and discovered a whole different meaning. So here are a few key lines that really stood out to me and my (perhaps wrong) interpretation.

“If you catch me at the border, I got visas in my name./If you come around here, I make em all day/I get one done in a second if you wait”- Immigration policy anyone? Fake visas  being sold all day long?

“All I wanna do is/And a, and take your money”- It sounds like the stereotype some people have about immigrants–that they are just here to take “American’s” jobs.

“Sticks and stones and weed and bombs”-Yes, they can all be names for drugs but they can also be illegal trade items aka weapons and drugs.

I don’t know about you, but these topics seem vastly different from the pop songs about meeting a hot girl at the club. Yes, “Paper Planes” has a catchy beat, but in my opinion it rises above other conventional pop songs by including controversial topics that make the listener think about today’s society.

The video just highlights the dual nature of the song. Yes, she is passing out joint shaped sandwiches but they can also be interpreted as weapons (ie bombs). And the fragile black paper planes can easily be seen as a metaphor for an actual air battle. So much meaning in such a great pop song. I wish more pop artists would attempt this level of meaning and symbolism in more of their songs.

And no Rebecca Black, you do not count as a “deep” pop artist no matter if you say your songs are about consumerism or the “broken promises to a generation in the current economic climate.” At least you can make fun of yourself.

Friday Lyrics Analyzed with Rebecca Black

Have you found a song that has a deeper meaning the more you listen to and analysis the song?


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“The Way I Are”-Timbaland ft Keri Hilson, DOE, Sebastian

Good News: It’s Friday!

Bad News: I can’t do anything special.

Why? Well, I am stuck at home with my parents whose idea of a fun Friday is a “date” to the hardware store. Yes, they do this often and actually refer to it as a date. My parents are insane.

The florescent lighting and concrete floors create such a romantic atmosphere

Also, I have the MCAT on Saturday (sorry, it feels like that that is all I have talked about for the past week since it is consuming my life. But I swear after tomorrow I will never write that acronym ever again).

Since my Friday night is going to be extremely boring, I beg you to do something, anything fun and tell me about it so I can live vicariously through you. Go out to dinner, go to a club, stay in and watch a movie, or play board games. Just please don’t spend it memorizing coulomb’s law or the trends of the periodic table—and definitely not at the hardware store. To get you started, I will supply you one of my favorite songs of the moment.

Although it is a  great club song, it has a good meaning too. Even if your aren’t rich, have tons of stuff, work at a great job, or  (gasp!) have have the perfect body, someone will love you for the way you are. Sort of like the dance version of “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. And also the version that is not overplayed so I don’t want to cut off my ears every time they play it on the radio.

Timbaland and Keri Hilson's voices sound great together and they have great chemistry in the video.

Have a great Friday!


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“Feel Good Inc.”- Gorillaz

Gorrillaz is one of the weirdest bands I have come across. Billed as the most successful “virtual band,” four virtual members were created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. The members have intricate back stories and do “interviews” talking about the different songs. Yes, it is unique and nothing I have ever seen before but who am I to judge. If their music is good, I will like them. Fortunately, their music is good. Probably their most famous song is “Feel Good Inc.

The video features 2-D, the lead singer of the virtual band. And yes, it is as unique as the band. Apparently, the song and video is about how mindless entertainment, the media, drugs, alcohol, and sex are used to feel good but end up actually leaving you alone, on a flying island. The media tries to sell you these things, marketing them as ways to make your life happier, almost like how a company would market a product (hence Feel Good INC). It is an interesting concept and one I will explore in more detail next week during The Downward Spiral series, but the imagery to this video really drives the point home. 2-D ends up on a isolated flying island with a windmill (Holland=drugs?) being chased by helicopters (insistent in bring news about mindless events?). I dont’ know, this is my interpretation of it. Maybe I have no idea what I am talking about.

Gorillaz' Band Members

Other interpretations on the song?

And one other thing, has anyone seen Laputa: Castle in the Sky?  It is one of my favorite Japanese films and the castle reminds me of the floating island in the Gorillaz video.


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