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“Do It Like A Dude”-Jessie J

I just had to start out the post with a picture of the amazing, hot, beautiful, talented Jessie J. No words can describe how much I love Jessie J. Her voice, her music, her smile, her beauty. And her story is amazing. She started out by writing songs for other artists, namely “Party in the USA.” I don’t know if you know about it, but it sort of went triple platinum and was named one of the best- selling single ever. Then, she wrote “Do It Like A Dude” for Rihanna but the American pop singer turned it down. So Jessie J decided to take on the song and released it as her first single. And it is amazing. Now let me preface the video before you watch it. Yes it is explicit and very sexual. But Jessie meant it as sort of a parody on men’s behavior. This is a line from an interview with Pride Source…

“I was writing some songs in the studio, but I was bored with the song I was writing and there were two boys – two producers called Parker and James – and one of them wears (his) trousers ridiculously low. So I just started free styling like a dude, and it was fun. I wanted to write a song that was tongue-in-cheek and a parody of a stereotypical male. But also, I wanted the song to be empowering for girls, but not kind of an “I hate men” song – because I don’t, and I don’t say that in the song. It’s about feeling hardcore.”

Another reason I love Jessie J is how open she is about her sexuality and states she has been open since the beginning of foray into the music business so is not using it to get attention like Gaga or Katy Perry (aka rumors about Gaga’s sexuality are rampant and Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”? Enough said). Again, read the pride source interview where Jessie explains herself a lot better than I can do.

Cover to her Debut Album- I am just getting into the other songs and have liked most of what I have heard

 Thoughts on Jessie J?


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