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“Yoü and I”-Lady Gaga

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week. School got in the way. But after I turned in my paper (last of many this week) on Friday, I was free! And good thing too since today marks another epic party at my school–Gaga. Yep, a whole party dedicated to one of my favorite artists. I can’t even express my happiness. Now I did a post on Gaga a long time ago proclaiming my love for her  and her music, but since then I haven’t feature one of her songs. Probably because it is s hard for me to pick my favorite. However, her new music video for “Yoü and I” just dropped a month ago and it was amazing.

Every part of the video is a masterpiece. As per usual for Gaga, the outfits and choreography are amazing. And the deeper meaning: A relationship between a man and a mermaid–destined not to work like so many real relationships. The ice cream truck representing the end of innocence. And who can forget about Joe Calderone, Gaga’s male counter part. My favorite part has to be when Joe and Gaga kiss. To me it represents loving and accepting one’s self to the utmost degree.

I don’t know how many times I have watched this video. I think it is one of her best one’s yet, which is saying a lot since “Bad Romance,” “Judas,” “Poker Face,” and “Paparazzi” are among my top music videos period.

HOT as both a girl...


....and a guy. How does she pull Joe off so well?

 Anyways, now that you know my obsession about Gaga, feel free to judge. But I don’t care cause “I’m a free bitch baby.” Now, I must go put the final touches on my Gaga-inspired costume. It is going to be epic.


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“Just Dance”- Lady Gaga and Why I am Fine Being a Little Monster

Lady Gaga is one of my favorite artists. There I said it and I will not waver on this conviction. Some people have very different opinions about Gaga, saying she is just a fame seeker with her weird outfits and her music is just so-so. I am fine with that opinion. Some of my best friends hate Gaga and I am still friends with them. So don’t worry. But I will play copious amounts of Gaga if you hang out with me long enough so just be warned.

For me, Lady Gaga does not represent some attention seeking celebrity. Do you see her in the tabloids like Lindsey Lohan or Brittany Spears wearing no underpants in a taxi, drunk after a night of partying at all of the top bars? No. You see tabloid pictures of her in amazingly creative costumes that push our idea of fashion. She creates music that both entertains and makes us question the world around us (aka “Born this Way,” “The Fame”). Her music videos are art in themselves with the costumes, the choreography, and the concepts. “Bad Romance” will always be one of my favorite videos because who has the courage to make a video about human trafficking? Sure, she makes it very sexy but she looks so vulnerable in the close-up shots, basically radiating the pain of being sold. And her outfits. Sure, the meat dress was pretty weird but she has countless others that were unique, stunning, shocking, and overall amazing.

Just a few of my favorite Gaga outfits

The main reason though that I love Lady Gaga though is that she seems so comfortable with herself. She has risen from an outcast girl in middle and high school to a confident women. She is fine not wearing what everyone else is wearing. She is fine with not looking exactly like a the other singers and celebrities. Throughout high school, I was an outcast and felt like I could never fit in with the other students. I dressed differently, I looked different, I acted different. But Gaga, and college, taught me that different can be better than conformity. So what if I am not “classically” beauty? That doesn’t mean I am ugly or “undesirable” (aka no one would ever want to ask me out/think I was attractive which I thought/still think but getting better at thinking differently). So what if I awkward in social situations? Students from my college excel at being awkward and so many of them succeed and are remarkable people. So what if I do anything against the norm? Gaga is the example of someone who didn’t follow the conventional (singers, entertainers, etc) and cut her own path with her creativity.

Anyways, you are probably wondering what any of this has to do with music. Well, I might have misspoke before since Gaga’s music is probably tied for the number one reason why I love her. Her songs are unique, dancable, catchy, creative, and beautiful. I know that if I listen to even one of her songs, I will be in a better mood. So here is one of my Gaga favs, though picking my top would be impossible. Plus, who would want to listen to just one?

I am fine with being a little monster. Are you?


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