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Homesick: “84,000 Different Delusions”- Shawn Colvin and “Fields of Gold”- Sting

I love college. It is the one place I have ever felt accepted for just being myself. While high school was horrible, and I was ostrizisted for being weird, not having the right clothes, not being attractive enough, or (my favorite) “too smart,” my friends here love me for who I am. Thus, my college is my home. I feel comfortable, happy (for the most part), and embraced. But recently I have felt “homesick” for the first time since coming to college three plus years ago. It is just a fleeting feeling, normally when I am listening to music late at night while studying. But it is strong. This desire to be curled up in my family’s living room listening to music with my father with a crackling blaze in the fireplace. To have nothing to do besides talk and laugh and reconnect.

I know I should probably stop listening to music that makes me miss my family so much, but I am really enjoying re-listening to some of my childhood favorites. Here are two that I have recently fell in love with all over again, even though they make me yearn to curl up in a blanket surrounded by my family.

Sorry for the downer post. In happier news, my parents will hopefully be visiting me in a few weeks.

Do you ever feel “homesick” for your family? Please say it is not only me.



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“Summer of 69”- Bryan Adams

Today is the last day of the summer for me. Classes start at 8 am sharp tomorrow. Am I looking forward to it? Yes and no. I like my classes this semester and my friends are in many with me but it is going to be a tough fe months. You have probably noticed my slowing of posts in the past few days since I have been super busy. Unfortunately, it is not going to get any better. I will try to post at least 2-3 times per week but no guarantees.

Anyways, I wanted to feature the song that instantly reminds me of summer. It takes a little explaining to do. When I was younger, my cousins would stay at our house for the whole three months and babysit my brother and me. And every summer, we would pick out a “summer song.” We of course had multiple summer songs but “Summer of ’69” was by far the most memorable. My brother and I would sing and strum (air guitar) along with this song almost daily. Hey, we were 7 and 10 respectively. We thought we were so cool.

Needless to say I didn’t know the sexual connotation of the title nor did my cousin tell my brother and I, so we probably got strange looks from adults when we sang it in public (similar to my brother singing Johnny Cash). However, the song still reminds to me of seemingly endless summers filled with friends, lounging around, and just having a good time. Although my summer was not filled with lounging, I had a great time with my friends and have many memories I will cherish. Good bye summer; I will miss you.

What was your favorite thing you did this summer? Meeting new friends? Having a fling? Doing nothing (which is sometimes sooooo nice)?


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“Superstition”-Stevie Wonder

Some people are born with some inate talent that even if “normal” people practiced or studied for years they would never be as good as the prodigies. For example, Blaise Pascal wrote his first mathematical proof at age 11, Alexander Pope was probably writing poetry before he could walk (maybe an exaggeration), and Mozart started writing music when he was six (no exaggeration). And don’t even get me started on all the sports prodigies. Well, there are probably more musical prodigies than even sports savants. Wiki has a really nice list.

Before doing this post, I had no idea that Stevie Wonder was a child prodigy. Apparently though, he released his first album when he was 11 and had his first US #1 Hit two years later. What was I doing at 13? Well, I was playing the piano poorly and wondering if cute Brandon liked me (he didn’t if you well wondering). And, did I mention that he was blind? Yeah, he can harmonica, synthesizer, piano, drums, bass guitar, congas, bongos, and clavinet all while seeing nothing. I am in awe.

Probably his best know piece is “Superstition,” written when he was 22. I mean, how can you not like this song? Every time I hear it I have to dance whether it be in lab, at the library, in my car, or (shock!) on the dance floor. See, I do dance in normal places.

So enjoy… and listen to the lyrics. They are really interesting since he lists different superstitions and states how believing in something you can’t understand is a bad idea. Which is good for out-there, wacky beliefs. However, I don’t really know how gravity works in nitty gritty detail, but I think I will still keep believing in it. Just to be safe.

Do you have a skill that you just want to be good at and not have to practice?
I really want to be able to memorize stuff really easily like piano music, songs, or (lets be honest here) stuff for school. That would cut down on study time and add to my sleep time which is severely low.


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“Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?”- She and Him and STUDYING!%#@*&

I have already pronounced my love for 500 Days of Summer, but I decided to go to the movie again for another pick-me-up from the wonderful MCAT studying. If you haven’t already read, I am taking the MCAT this Saturday and basically have had my head in a physics, chemistry, or biology book for the past week. But after this Saturday, life will be good again 🙂

The song today is actually not from the movie per say but was made after Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zoey Deschanel collaborated on the movie. And they are the same adorable couple that it just seems like a seen from the movie.

The song, “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?,” is by a band I have never heard of before–She and Him. But I might have to “explore” their music more as a way to procrastinate from studying. Well, I really don’t need anymore ways. Weeds and The Big Bang Theory give me plenty of excuses to put down the books. Not to mention my family that I haven’t been with for 7 MONTHS! Three more days Charlotte, three more days.

This is so close to the truth that it is not even funny

How do you procrastinate?



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“Nights In White Satin”- The Moody Blues and I Am Home!

I am home (if that wasn’t apparent from the title)! My research program ended, I turned in my paper, and everything is good… except that I am taking the MCAT in a week 😦 But I am HOME! With my dog! Lets focus on that.

This is the adorable face that greeted me when I arrived home ❤

Also, this is the song that greeted me when I walked in the door.

Thanks Dad.

When I listened to this on You Tube with the music video, I came across a great comment:

Imagine if some artist or band tried to get a song like this released TODAY…?
Producer: It’s not commercial enough! Not enough swearing… say “Mother-f*****’ more! You know… like “Mother-f******s in … white satin… shit… whatever…” Oh, and it doesn’t have a proper drum track. More doof doof! There’s no references to ho’s, pimps, ice, how corrupt the Man is… how you have to kill to survive… that sort of thing. Geez, guys, get with it!

“Nights in White Satin” and all of The Moody Blues music does not fit the “current definition” of music today. Or rather the current mainstream music. I feel like there is tons of music like this being performed but the general public has limited access to it. I don’t know how to get a wider variety of great music to the people, since radio stations only play about 15 top songs on any given day it seems. Hopefully this time of music doesn’t die out. Hopefully my generation can appreciate not only the good popular music but also the oldies and “alternative” music of today.

Do you listen to radio at all? Are you as pissed off at the small music selection they play? Or is it just because I am in a smaller city that the selection sucks?



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