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“Round of Blues”- Shawn Colvin and My Fetish

Ah Halloween. The day marked by cute costumes when we were younger and now marked by the sexiest costume you can find. I am sorry to say that I perpetuated this fact by re-wearing my Lady Gaga costume (Leotard, tights, and rhinestones everywhere). Thankfully, there are no pictures of the debauchery that went down. But let me inform that it was full of fun.

Anyways, at my school we also have a party in a few weeks that is entitled “Fetish.” Yes, imagine what you want. This party is even more sloppy than Halloween on my lovely liberal arts campus. And I have a great costume too that entailed me wearing dark Gothic clothing, placing fake piercing on my eyebrow and ears, and having a giant dragon tattoo on my back. Can you guess?

Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo!!

Noomi Rapace, the actor that plays Lisbeth in the Swedish version of the film, is probably one of the best actors I know. If you haven’t seen the Swedish version, watch it! It is amazing. Much better than the English version that is coming out, mainly because no one can be Lisbeth other than Noomi. Oh, and they changed the ending in the English version since Steig Larsson’s ending was just too amazing for them.

Okay, sorry. I got a little caught up in my fetish. I promise there is music coming. Today’s song features a women that I love almost as much as Noomi–Shawn Colvin. “Round of Blues” is probably one of her better known songs, and the music video is interesting. I love her dress in the video and how she can just nonchalantly  play the guitar on the floor while still looking great.

Favorite actor? Or your fetish if you are feeling adventerous? 😉



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Homesick: “84,000 Different Delusions”- Shawn Colvin and “Fields of Gold”- Sting

I love college. It is the one place I have ever felt accepted for just being myself. While high school was horrible, and I was ostrizisted for being weird, not having the right clothes, not being attractive enough, or (my favorite) “too smart,” my friends here love me for who I am. Thus, my college is my home. I feel comfortable, happy (for the most part), and embraced. But recently I have felt “homesick” for the first time since coming to college three plus years ago. It is just a fleeting feeling, normally when I am listening to music late at night while studying. But it is strong. This desire to be curled up in my family’s living room listening to music with my father with a crackling blaze in the fireplace. To have nothing to do besides talk and laugh and reconnect.

I know I should probably stop listening to music that makes me miss my family so much, but I am really enjoying re-listening to some of my childhood favorites. Here are two that I have recently fell in love with all over again, even though they make me yearn to curl up in a blanket surrounded by my family.

Sorry for the downer post. In happier news, my parents will hopefully be visiting me in a few weeks.

Do you ever feel “homesick” for your family? Please say it is not only me.



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