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“The Dope Show”-Marylin Manson

I have realized that I have not posted a Marylin Manson song here for awhile. This is a big problem. Especially when I need some heavy, hard-core shock rock to get lost in…or at least to escape the world of papers, tests, and stress.

Almost as big as my to do pile, just a little too short

Yes, I am a Marylin fan. I know he is pretty controversial, perhaps not so much now since he has kind-of dropped off the mainstream music scene. But his songs are raw, real, and full of meaning, something I think is missing from today’s music. I talked about my feelings about Marylin and his band in an earlier post. You should check it out!

My favorite album of his is actually his greatest hits album, since some of his songs can get just plain loud and not really full of good lyrics and meaning. Thus, his Lest We Forget album gives me all the favorites and none of the bad ones. “The Dope Show” is one of the songs that is just the right amount of anarchy, catchy but powerful lyrics, and a rhythm that just pounds into you.

The music video is pretty weird, but that is expected of MM. It also really embodies the message of the song, at least how I interpret it. Basically, it is speaking about how an anomaly, a freak of nature can catch the public’s attention (for good or bad) for a only a short amount of time until the next scandalous event or person comes along. As seen in the video, Marylin plays a character that is seen as odd by the public—somewhat male and somewhat female. He is shown off, making his “owners” rich when he makes it onto the front of magazines and appears in front of crowds. Even though the public seems infatuated by him and wants to know everything about him, the media only portrays the glamorous parts of his life, not how Marylin’s character is mistreated. This is demonstrating how subjective the media is, not only when it discusses people but also when it discusses events.

The album cover of Mechanical Animals

“The Dope Show” is originally from the album Mechanical Animals, which is one of three concept album MM produced. I might have to feature a post on MM overarching themes in his music since it is pure genius in some ways.

And here is the same question from the last Marylin Manson post. Love him or hate him?



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“Tainted Love”-Soft Cell

Today at my college, we celebrate the epic party called 80’s where we give praise to the likes of Madonna, Jackson, and other great ’80s artists. So you can imagine the music I have been listening to lately. One in particular on repeat–“Tainted Love” by Soft Cell.

I must admit though, I think I like the Marilyn Manson cover better–a little darker and the music video is pretty interesting/out-there/normal for Marilyn Manson. The Soft Cell video scares me a little (aka a little pedophiliac).

(Edited Version)

To any Grinnellians reading this, have a great night and hope to run into you at some point. If you are not a Grinnellian, what cool parties do (did) you have (had) at college?


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“The Nobodies”- Marilyn Manson

Now Alenka over at Six Thousand Songs (see blogroll, I can’t seem to link in a post, anyone have advice?) has featured Marilyn Manson in her posts before but I will beat her to featuring this controversial artist. Just so you know, I like Marilyn Manson. His music, his message (sometimes), even his antics. He knows he is entertaining people not only with his music but with his presence. Like Lady Gaga, their is no Brian Hugh Warner anymore. There is only Marilyn. And he is smart. Yes, I was shocked when I first saw him in “Bowling for Columbine.” His line about music as an only escape growing up really resonated with me. And when he says, “I wouldn’t say a single word to them. I would listen to what they had to say. And that’s what no one did,” I gained so much respect for him.

Unfortunately, I didn’t start listening to his music until a year ago. True, some of his songs I dislike but their are many I listen to very often. Some people say he is too aggressive and advocates violence, suicide, drug use, sex and other such “unfavorable” behaviors. But how is he so much different than the female pop artists like Rhianna who talk about their S&M tendencies? And also, don’t tell me that her video isn’t extremely weird/overtly advocating sex and drug use.

Why I like Marilyn Manson is because he is different, he has real (political, religious, ethical) meaning behind his songs. Sure, some are really loud and obnoxious but others are the perfect mix of angry, guttural vocals and amazing drums, guitar, synth etc. One such song is “The Nobodies” which was based on the Columbine events, fear tactics of the news, and a little religion thrown in for the hell of it. From the beginning electrical piano solo to the screaming “we are the nobodies, want to be somebody,” I love it. Plus the music video is sick. So creative and dark and interesting.

And even though some people think he looks extremely weird, he is strangely very sexy.

What are your feelings on Marilyn Manson? Love him, hate him, never hear of him (I don’t know how this one could be possible)?



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