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“Mary Had A Little Lamb”- Stevie Ray Vaughan

Since my last post was such a downer, I decided to do another post today. So, I don’t know if any of you will know of Stevie Ray Vaughan since he produced music way before I was even born, but he was a famous Texas blues player (I told you I had an diverse range of musical taste). He is one of the best guitar players I know next to The Edge. He was even voted as best blues guitarist by Guitar magazine (no, I do not have a subscription to it). Here is an example of his phenomenal skills. Keep in mind he is playing on a 12 string guitar. Amazing.

I grew up with Vaughan. When other kids were probably listening to Backstreet Boys and N-Sync, I would listen to Vaughan and the other “oldies” my parents listened to. In particular, my dad would play Vaughan everywhere: in his workshop, in the house, and most memorably in the car. It was a ritual that whenever he drove my brother and I to a swim meet he would play Vaughan’s version of “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” which is hands down the best rendition of this nursery rhyme. I would recommend turning up the speakers and listening to the fucking awesome guitar that somehow seems to fit this song perfectly.

Unfortunately, Vaughan will never make any more music since he died in 1990. But his legend lives on as he was induced to the Blues Hall of Fame and he has a memorial in Austin, Texas.

""I'm a black man caught in a white guy's body" - Stevie Ray Vaughan

Anyone heard of Stevie Ray Vaughan before? And if not, do you know a better guitar player that you want to share?


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