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“Paradise Circus”- Massive Attack vs Burial (Remix Series #1)

I have found myself listening to a lot of remixes lately, perhaps because of Skrillex? (More on that in a later post). Whatever the reason is, I wanted to do a series on my current favorite remixes. So in the upcoming post, look for some really neat reworkings of Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, The Doors, and more!

As a rule, I love the originals of songs the best and really don’t go seeking out remixes or covers. For me, covers are never as good as the original since I am so familiar with the original and any deviation just seems wrong, especially if it is a different voice. Remixes however normally contain the same vocals and much of the same musical quality of the original, just spun a bit differently. The best type of music to remix in my opinion is electronic music since it just seems to lend itself to be reworked very easily.

For example, Massive Attack can be described as a trip hop, ambient, and electronical in sound. They play around with many different background sounds to produce songs that not only have powerful lyrics but songs that create an sensual, relaxing, and at sometimes psychedelic aura. Thus, when I saw that Burial, another one of my favorite electronic artists, partnered up with Massive Attack to produce not one but two songs, I was ecstatic.

Robert Del Naja and Grant Marshal of Massive Attack and the cover of Burial's album Untrue

As much as Massive Attack creates an amazing background landscape for their songs, Burial creates landscapes that ARE his songs. He takes  countless layers of interesting songs, and then loops, mixes, and distorts them until they have the power to make you feel things you thought were impossible to experience while listening to music. In his remix of “Paradise Circus,” he does just that. He brings in sounds from the original song and mixes them with others. The best part of the remix is how he keeps the beauty of the vocalist (Hope Sandoval) while slowing down the tempo and adding a dreamy fuze to the piece.

Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star amoung other acts

As a warning, the song is long (over 12 minutes) and does deviate from the original “Paradise Circus” quiet a bit. In the last 4 minutes, it is hardly recognizable with swelling arpeggios and hugely-distorted vocals. However, I am fine with it. I love the beginning of the Burial’s–it is a true remix of “Paradise Circus” and keeps the very sensual but melancholy and yearning feeling of the original. The rest of the song has this same feeling while incorporating Burial’s signature style. I love both renditions and I will listen to them both at different times depending on my mood. Additionally, I hope that these artists collaborate more in the future. The combination of their styles is breathtaking.

Massive Attack vs Burial “Paradise Circus”


Massive Attack “Paradise Circus”

Have a favorite remix you want to share?



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“Teardrop”- Massive Attack and Why I am so nervous

Time has slipped away from me. A month ago I thought this day would never come. But here it is and I am so nervous. What is so special about today you ask? It is the day I leave for my first MD/PhD interview (aka my post-undergrad schooling) at Penn State. By Sunday, I will be meeting other student, being interviewed by professors, doctors, and science researchers alike. Although I am a bit a lot nervous, I am also excited to get off campus/out of the extremely small town where my school. I literally haven’t been over 10 miles away from the campus in almost three months. So…. getting a bit claustrophobic.

As good luck for my interview, I decided to feature my “doctor” song that I used to play right before physics exams to remind me why I wanted to be a doctor: “Teardrop” by Massive Attack and the theme to the TV series House.

Elizabeth Fraser’s voice in this video is amazing. It has the ereathral, utterly beautiful but powerful quality that I have never heard duplicated. She has also done four other songs with Massive Attack and all are some of my favorite songs from the group.

Fun fact: Madonna was suppose to sing for “Teardrop” but Robert Del Naja and Grantley Marshall both wanted Fraser. Another fun fact (aren’t you luck, two today!): Fraser is also a member of the The Cocteau Twins and has sung songs for The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack. I’m falling in love with her even more!

Ugg, now all I want to do is watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy all over again. Maybe over winter break with my brother. We have already done The Matrix and Harry Potter. Why not a The Lord of the Rings marathon?

What is a song that you play for good luck?



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School Getting in the Way of Music, Sleeping, and Other Important Stuff

I haven’t had time to post in almost two weeks to post and it is making me very sad. I miss writing about music instead of writing about the Sociology of Breast Cancer or the different bonding and anti-bonding orbitals of conjugated systems (points to anyone who knows what I am talking about!!). Anyways, I don’t have time to do a full post but I wanted to share two songs that I am obsessed with at the moment. Both of them I have listened to before but I must have forgotten their power and their beauty.

U2 how I love you

I would probably have put all of Massive Attack’s Blue Lines album in this post since I have been listening to it on repeat for awhile. But I knew I couldn’t and this song just spoke to me the most. I don’t know why since it is about getting hurt in a relationship and lets be honest, school has basically shut down any of those 🙂

And to leave you in a happy mood, here is a great song I just discovered by the british pop band blur.

Is school/job preventing you from doing something you love?



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Movie Series #2: “Dissolved Girl”-Massive Attack

Massive Attack has subtly been a part of my life for awhile but it wasn’t until this year that I became aware of their greatest. From being the theme song for House to being featured in one of my favorite movies of all time, The Matrix, Massive Attack sneakily came into my life. Now it is literally a group that I listen to at least weekly and know most of their songs by heart.

“Dissolved Girl,” among the best song ever in my opinion, is actually the song featured in The Matrix for a short time. Here is the clip:

Doesn’t that make you just want to watch the movie (again)? I just had a Matrix Trilogy Marathon and still want to watch them again.

It really surprises me how many people, even avid Massive Attack fans, do not know about this song, or at least appreciate it. The beautiful vocals of Sarah Jay mingle with the dark, techno backdrop. And that build up halfway through the song… I get chills every time.

The video to this is actually a fan- compiled video using clips from Immortal (Ad Vitam), a movie I haven’t but want to watch. But in the spirit of the post I thought I would include it. I think it really fits the music.

Ever watched The Matrix and/or the whole trilogy? Ever had a movie marathon?

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“Dance on Vaseline”- David Byrne and Thievery Corporation

Auggg! I got so much new music when I was home that I am having a hard time figuring what to feature. So I just sort of picked today’s song randomly.

Thievery Corporation is a new band to me and I obtained their whole discography when I was home. They are an interesting group consisting of two guys, Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, that create the background music and get other performers to sing. So the album that I was listening to first, Abductions and Reconstructions, literally has a new collaborated artist for each song. The song that I have been listen to lately is actually the first song on the album, “Dance on Vaseline.” David Byrne from Talking Head (a new wave, funk rock band in the early 90s) sings the lyrics. Both his voice and the background beats are hypnotic and trippy, which can be good music for a variety of things ;). But in all truth, I find this to be good study music since it is not obtrusive and the lyrics, though prominently heard, don’t seem to fit together so I am not thinking about them as much. In fact, Thievery Corporation has a lot of these types of songs, which is a good thing since school is starting soon.

Ever heard of Thievery Corporation? Ever hear of Talking Heads? At my school we have a Talking Heads dance party every year so any Grinnellians better have heard of them 🙂

Thievery Corporation's Eric Hilton and Rob Garza


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“Protection”-Massive Attack

So you will notice that I have a tendency to change up my song selection a lot. I have no problem making a playlist with The Beatles, Lady Gaga, and Marilyn Manson back to back. So my blog will probably end up following no pattern in the songs that I choose. For example, todays post features “Protection” by one of my favorite groups of all time, Massive Attack. I found them like many people through their song “Teardrop,” the theme song for House. Funny side story: I always played “Teardrop” right before I took a physics exam to remind me why I was taking physics-because I want to be a doctor!

So smug. I love you House but I will not be like you as a doctor.

Back on topic, “Protection” from the album Protection is one of many Massive Attack songs that features an “outside” female singer. And in this case, Tracey Thorn, from “Everything But the Girl,” creates an ethereal song that bathes the listener in comfort, beauty, and protection. Whenever I have had a horrible day, when the world gets too hard to deal with, and when I feel like I have no one to turn to for help and affection, I listen to Tracey promise me she will do anything to protect me. Sad yes, but I have had many days (a long time ago and very recently) where I have fallen asleep to Tracey’s beautiful voice and woken up feeling so much better. The members of Massive Attack have done an amazing job with creating a catchy, soothing melody that, when melded with Tracey’s vocals, creates a song I can play on repeat for hours.

I’m not a huge fan of the music video because I think it takes away from the music (hence why I found a video without it) and doesn’t really add anything, well besides being able to see Tracey for a bit!

[The Beautiful Tracey Thorn]

If you like this song, you will love Massive Attack’s other stuff, which will probably be featured on my blog in the future.


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