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“Mysterious Ways”- U2 (Massive Attack Remix)

You might have read the title of this post and groaned…not another Massive Attack song. Is this person obsessed with that group? Well, yes I sort of am. But I promise you, this song (although remixed by Massive Attack) is most definitely still U2.

“Mysterious Ways” by itself is a great song. From the opening fast beats to the end, it is song that you cannot listen to sitting down. You just have this desire to dance. They actually played this song when I was at their concert however many years ago and you should have seen the crowd. No one was sitting and some weird dancing was happening, perhaps some by me 😉

The song was initially released in 1991 on their Achtung Baby album. Although not my favorite album (that would have  to go to Rattle and Hum followed closely by War), this albums was revolutionary for its time and contains some great hits such as “One” and “The Fly.”

I like to think of Massive Attack’s remix as the sound that U2 would produce today. It includes more electronic noises and mixes but still highlights Bono’s amazing voice and Edge’s equally amazing guitar skills. I do think it is not as “upbeat” as the original. Massive Attack sort of added a darker edge to the piece, similar to the sound of their songs. But they still keep the psychedelic, disoriented feel of the original. As seen in the original’s music video, it is almost like the mysterious moves of a women hypnotize a man.

PS. I found a “remix” for next post that is amazing and completely different from what I normally post. Stay tuned!


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I love U2. My dad loves U2. Our favorite album is of course Rattle and Hum, since it is the best U2 album ever. However, I happen to love the Pop album also, and my dad cannot understand why I like it at all. Yes, Pop is a totally different sound for U2 and is more “poppy” sounding. But, it is still U2 with the smooth voice of Bono and the sick guitar from Edge. And they are so catchy. So very catchy. That is why I think I love U2 as much as I do. Every album is a little different and cutting edge for its time but they all have this essence of U2.

My favorite on the album is hands down Discotheque. As you can imagine, it is about a disco dance hall and the trippy music video is prove of that. Sorry for the grainy quality. You Tube failed me on this video. But quality aside, look for U2 impersonating the village people at the end!

I recommend playing this song with the bass up and just taking in trippy, techno beat.

Favorite U2 Album, if you have one? If not, have any other video viewing websites that I should know about since You Tube has been slowly going down hill, mostly because of the influx of ads?



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School Getting in the Way of Music, Sleeping, and Other Important Stuff

I haven’t had time to post in almost two weeks to post and it is making me very sad. I miss writing about music instead of writing about the Sociology of Breast Cancer or the different bonding and anti-bonding orbitals of conjugated systems (points to anyone who knows what I am talking about!!). Anyways, I don’t have time to do a full post but I wanted to share two songs that I am obsessed with at the moment. Both of them I have listened to before but I must have forgotten their power and their beauty.

U2 how I love you

I would probably have put all of Massive Attack’s Blue Lines album in this post since I have been listening to it on repeat for awhile. But I knew I couldn’t and this song just spoke to me the most. I don’t know why since it is about getting hurt in a relationship and lets be honest, school has basically shut down any of those 🙂

And to leave you in a happy mood, here is a great song I just discovered by the british pop band blur.

Is school/job preventing you from doing something you love?



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“All I Want Is You”- U2 and me being an Optimist?

I mentioned in my father’s day post that my dad took me to a U2 concert as a “present” for surviving my first year of high school (trust me, it was a lot harder than it sounds. The girls at my school put “Mean Girls” to shame). It was an amazing concert. Seeing Bono in real life for the first time, a person I look up to not only for creating amazing music but also for his philanthropy efforts, literally made me breathless. The Edge also did a great job performing a solo vocal/piano number but I can’t remember what song. I know, I’m getting old. 21.5 years old tomorrow.

Have no fear, a half birthday celebration does not equal only 1/2 a beer.

All aging aside, I still can remember how much I love U2. They have such an extensive discography with different musical styles to fit any mood. The album Rattle and Hum though is there best album, in my humble opinion. Each song is more amazing than the last and I have listened to the album straight through five bajillion times (rough estimate of course). One of my favorites though is “All I Want Is You.” I have all the words memorized and sing it often in the shower but nothing compares to the beautiful voice of Bono. I don’t know how to even describe it. It is gruff, soft, smooth, piercing, loving and overall so passionate. I truly think that this is one of the best love songs I have ever heard. He is offering unconditional love, no matter if trivial promises are kept or broken. We are only human, we make mistakes. But true, unconditional love can and does still exist in this world. You just have to find it.

However, some people interpret it as a song of infatuation and lust. And the video sort of supports this, but I am going to keep being optimistic and romantic, two traits I very rarely possess. I normally see that beer as half empty, but oh well.

I should also say that the Edge does an great job on the guitar in this song, well any song really. I will be sure to feature him more in a future post.



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