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“Basique”-Little People and 5 reasons I am excited for med school

So, I am starting medical school on Monday. Am I excited? Yes. Am I nervous? Oh my god yes. I know that everyone is probably nervous too, but I just feel sometimes that everyone else has their act together besides me. Plus, it is pretty hard for making new friends, probably because I am a bit shy and a little quirky. I mean, I have a perchance to walk around without shoes on where ever I am, sing/talk to myself in public, and make very dry jokes that only a select few people understand while everyone else looks at me like I am insane. But I do have friends, I promise! It is just difficult for me to meet new people.

Instead of this post being all about why I am nervous (since that would be just a huge downer), I am going to write about all of the reasons why I am excited to start medical school.

1. Anatomy Lab
This may sound weird, but I have wanted to cut people open from a very early age (I am talking about 7 yrs old). I just want to understand how the human body functions so beautifully. I mean, just think about what your body does on a daily basis without you being aware. Yes, if it worked perfectly all the time I would be out of a job, but still it works flawlessly most of the time without you knowing.

What every kid wants for their birthday. Actually, I would have been thrilled to get this when I was younger.

2. Biochemistry
I Love Biochem. Yes I might be a bit weird but it was my major in college and it combines two of my favorite loves. Plus, the prof is wonderful.

3. Medical Organizations
A few days ago, we had an organization fair where we could sign up for different extra-curricular events (because med school won’t keep us busy enough!). I found two great organizations, the free mobile clinic and the free mental health clinic. Both are places that allow me to have contact with patients right now, instead of in two years. Plus, it is volunteer-based and really helps the undeserved in the community.

4. A schedule
So, my summer has been a bit of a nightmare. I sometimes stay up until 3am and don’t wake up until 12pm or later. I know this is a really lame reason for wanting to start med school, but it will keep me on a better schedule…and my body will like that.

Need to stop doing this.

Yes it will be 8 years before I can practice medicine and years after that before I can legally practice on my own (most hospitals/private practices require a doctor to have a residency of 3-6 years after med school). But I am on my way.

Me at the White Coat Ceremony. Basically a ceremony that officially makes me a medical student. Plus, I have a sweet white coat.


When I am nervous (aka right now meeting tons of people), I do tend to listen to music a lot. Mostly really calm, repetitive music to create sort of a feeling of stability. A few months ago, I discovered Little People, a single guy that produces this dream-like music perfect for studying, or making me less nervous about everything.

Anything you have been nervous for recently/right now?


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